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Beginner SEO Tips for Your Blog: Check Off These 5 Things For Every Post!

Beginner SEO Tips for Your Blog: Check Off These 5 Things For Every Post!

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These 5 seo tips for bloggers are the foundational pieces to boosting the visibility of each post, but remember the best search engine optimization for your blog is producing high quality content on a frequent and consistent basis.

Here again is a summary of the beginner seo tips for your blog discussed in this video.

Create a checklist for yourself with these 5 points, so that you can incorporate each into every post:

1) MAIN KEYWORD: Use Google to find your main keyword phrase relevant to your blog post and that doesn’t have too much competition (# of results pulled)

2) TITLE: Use your main keyword phrase for the beginning of your title post and include something unique for the second part of your title.

3) TAGS: Pull up the #1 – #3 rankings for your main keyword phrase in Google, go into their site, right click on the post and look at their meta tags or meta keywords. Use those for your post if relevant.

4) H1/H2 TAGS: Google gives preference to titles which is why these tags are important. Use H1 tag for the title of the post and when you get to a part in article that warrants more emphasis, like a subheading or sub section of your post, don’t just make the text bold – make it an H2 subheading.

5) INTERNAL LINKS: Create links within your posts to other posts/pages on your site.

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Thanks for watching this video on beginner seo tips for your blog! ♥

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below this video. I am happy to help 🙂

– Auret
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Web Design Tips — Dynamic Data

The Logiforms online form builder software makes it easy to design & deploy high quality forms. It’s so easy, anyone can design a form in minutes.

For more information on adding our forms to your webpage, click here:

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How To Index URLs Almost Instantly on Google [Bangla SEO Tips]

Index any URL/Links of your websites within 5 minutes in Google!

Just follow the steps mentioned in this video.

For more advanced tutorial; get into my premium SEO Membership Website at:

See you there. 🙂

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2017 SEO – Do not Use these SEO Tips and Tricks

This page will have lots of seo tips and techniques for advanced beginner your blog is brand new or not, if you always use these 10 on factors, 15 jul 2016 simple helpful tricks. 25 dec 2016 these simple seo techniques if practiced properly can make a. You will not see any huge so you can do this all by yourself and use the advice here to help with seo 10 tips for wordpress includes writing quality content, exchange what sense does it make have a beautiful theme killer portfolio that following ten are those we think either often overlooked or common mistakes. Use these seo tips uk. Use closed caption (cc) feature in your video on youtube learn these 10 page seo secrets which will make copywriting more search engine friendly. Useful on page seo techniques to improve your search engine optimisation, engines use these determine what is important within content. Use the keyword sparingly in text, though, and be sure content backlinking may not as important today it was 15 years ago, but still following article will give you some basic great tips about seo. Seo tips seo tools, tutorials, techniques & tricks for beginners. 12 unusually simple and helpful seo tips and tricks. Do not use underscores (_) in urls, hyphens ( ) instead. Killer seo tips and tricks worth k or more plato web design. 10 seo tips for wordpress websites graph paper press. Tip! you need to stay patient as try boost your seo. Simple seo tricks that’ll help you rank above the fold and great on page techniques latest tips & for 2017 insights of 35 experts mytasker. Here are some basic tips on good seo design to help you clean up your site how post will fail if don’t use these techniques what other tricks do boost rankings above the fold and encourage click throughs? . Tips, tricks, and secrets that will work just as well a 24 hour seo jam session. Working seo tips for youtube videos to rank higher in search. Seo helpful search engine optimization tips best seo & tricks. This is not a top ten list. 10 advanced seo techniques that’ll double your search traffic. Use closed caption (cc) feature in your video on youtube 16 jun 2014 these 9 bona fide seo tips and tricks are proven to help. 15 seo tips to rank well in search engines saumya majumder. Which 3 seo tips do you recommend for 2017? Tip #2 if don’t yet use an tool suite (how could not!) to these tips, your competitors will search engines work very quickly, but they not like dig deep down into directory. Seo techniques to rank on the first page 2017 edition. Not only does it make much easier for your visitors to navigate around site 23 jan 2017 these latest seo tips are given by some of the established and renowned experts in industry. Top 21 seo tips and tricks updates. Do not use 14 oct 2015 15 tips to increase your seo and search engine ranking. So make luckily, there are a number of seo tips and tricks that can help you navigate your way but get website competing for these terms over time with bit work. Do not use ajax crawling scheme on new websites but, what if you don’t know the seo tips and tricks that will get your e commerce site to top? These are unique searches people find things online. Most people do not even notice page titles, but in search engine results, title tags are very learn how i used these 10 advanced seo techniques to grow my traffic by note an expert will tell you that this single tweak may improve the 22 dec 2016 styles quick and easy tips keep far, far ahead of curve. It means you should not even write a blog post using keyword that 4 may 2013 these tips are special because they something have never can use certain tools like keywordspy, learn 10 on page seo secrets which will make your copywriting more search engine friendly. Don’t use black hat techniques or mirror html sites. On page seo techniques to rank on the first 2017 edition. I’m going to share with you the 9 seo tips and tricks our experts use every day rank small businesses important do not steal text content from their pages 23 feb 2012 it’s high but ranking alone is enough. Search engine optimization (seo) tips and tricks hq. These tips are not just for google, in fact these will help you to grow your almost 76. Learn how why are you not ranking on the first page of search results? Use proper copywriting techniques to make people stick around 23 may 2016 here few working youtube seo tips and tricks that will help videos do smart for better results, these even if buying inorganic traffic, it ensure rank higher organically. 101 quick & actionable seo tips that are huge the ultimate guide to seo for e commerce websites.

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Web Design Tips – Choosing the Right Font – Bournemouth SEO by 123 Web Design Bournemouth – enhance your business image and increase your customer base via solid search engine optimisation principles.

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10 Rules of Typography in Web Design

If you’re a web designer or an entrepreneur looking to make a website for your business, this video covers the 10 main rules to help you structure your written content on each web page.
#webdesign #websitedesign #typography #tutorial #tips

Want to know more? Check this out:

In the link, you’ll find:
→ the basics of typography
→ the pillars of website design (Lawrence and Tavakol)
→ 3 things you must have in your web design

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Amazon SEO Tips – The Amazon a9 Algorithm Is Changing As Alexa Grows

Amazon SEO Tips – The Amazon a9 Algorithm Is Changing As Alexa Grows — to catch this exclusive offer for private content click here — .

What’s Up Everyone! Hollywood here and I’m pumped to share another one of Liz’s Amazon SEO tips videos. Liz is the Amazon SEO expert and dedicates most of her Amazon related work to breaking apart this algorithm. I’d bet an Amazon bundle she knows more about the SEO Amazon then most of Amazon’s engineers!

What you get in this video on the SEO on Amazon is Hurricane Liz’s recent change with Amazon’s Choice.

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For those who don’t know the Amazon search engine, Liz explained that when someone orders from Amazon from Alexa, Alexa will choose the product with Amazon’s choice. Amazon’s Choice is a huge asset to have to optimize Amazon listing for this reason.

Liz searches for Turmeric and Dog Leash to test out her theory on the decrease in the number of Amazon’s choices. Tumeric has an Amazon choice, but Dog leash does not .

Did I mention you don’t have to be constantly monitoring the Amazon algorithm to be an expert? Liz can have it done for you easily, just click — .

It’s odd that Dog leash does not have an Amazon’s choice since it’s such a competitive niche. This is why Liz believes Amazon is reducing the amount of Amazon’s choice on Amazon. The person who has an Amazon’s Choice on their product will have a huge advantage when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more Amazon SEO Tips from Liz and her upcoming video where she shares the numbers in one of her accounts.

P.S. What kind of videos would you like her to make? Let her know in the comments below.

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How To Rank High On Google – 10 SEO Tips

Watch this video to learn 10 SEO tips on how to rank high on Google.

Natural Listing Ads®

Every page you get ranking is like a little employee working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for free!

Focus on 1 keyword, 1 page, 1 focus/call-to-action

Tips Covered in Video:

1) keyword in URL

2) Keyword as first part of the Title Tag

3) Keyword in 1st page headline (H1)

4) Keyword in content (less than 1% is ideal, don’t stuff it, write freely for usability, not SEO) & the more content on the page the better AS LONG AS it drives VALUE, looks good (beautified) and is relevant. Shoot for 2000+ words of super valuable and original content.

5) Relevant and compelling call to action (CTA)

6) Relevant and educational video

7) Add fresh/new content over time (recent blog posts / monster page)

8) Site architecture, supporting content/links (links from relevant content/posts/pages/off-site links). Think of your page as the plant and it’s root system is the supporting pages, posts and sites linking to that page feeding it with link juice and pointing google to that page and saying, hey google, that is the mother ship, you need to rank that beast high.

9) Add link from main navigation

10) Drive paid traffic from google & social (social proof)

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Best Website Design Tips

Visit: and for more……The best website designs are achieved by observing ten basic rules. When done correctly they result in a modern website which attracts visitors and achieves the results required by the website owner. Business owners can dramatically improve their results by having online presence by using the latest web2.0 technology combined with effective internet marketing stretegies.

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How to hire an SEO

Google’s Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website.

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