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2018 Local SEO Tips From An SEO Expert

2018 Local SEO tips from an SEO expert

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviews by Mark Ghaida himself

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In the interview, I talk about the importance of search engine optimization for small-medium sized businesses in your local area.

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Top 5 SEO Tips to Write SEO Friendly Article | SEO tutorials For Beginners | Anuj Bucket

How to write SEO friendly article | SEO tutorials For Beginners
Anuj Bansal

This is the question every blogger wants to know the answer to. If you love writing and want to start your own blog, then I am sure you want to know that how your article can tops the list in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Here are some tips on – How to write SEO friendly article

1. The content should be unique and new: Do not copy paste your content from any other website or online source. That would be of no help. The best would be to create your own original content.
2. The structure of the article: It is important to give a structure to your article. This will make your article attractive to the readers.
3. Focus on keywords: Choose not more than 2 two keywords. This is most important to write a SEO friendly article.
4. Use of keywords: Use the keywords in the first paragraph of the article. And use it through out your article with the density of not more the 2-4%.
5. Conclusion: Conclusion should be such, which insist the audience or readers to read more. Place a link of your next blog at the last paragraph of your present article.
These are some simple tips by which you can write SEO friendly articles. For more video please subscribe to my channel. Hit the like button if you like the video.

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YouTube Channel Tips in 2018 | Telugu TechTuto | Hidden Seo Tips

Know YouTube channel Hidden Tips Features 2018 by Telugu TechTuto #YouTube Seo Tips.

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POWERFUL eBay SEO Tips For Finding Better eBay Keywords / eBay Tags

This video is going to show you how to create the BEST eBay keywords / eBay tags for your eBay listings using POWERFUL eBay SEO tips & techniques!

If you’re an eBay seller who is trying to increase traffic to your eBay listings in order to generate more views & ultimately, sales, then this video is going to give you the right eBay SEO training that you’re going to need to out-rank your eBay competitors to put in on the 1st page of eBay search results!

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9 Best Web Design Trends for 2018

in this video you will see cutting edge and best web design trends for 2018. There are some points you have to follow and some points that you need to avoid in 2018.
2017 saw many new features, such as mobile usage increased a lot. It mean in 2018 we have to focus on mobile friendly web designs.

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YouTube Video SEO| 12 Powerfull Tips To Rank YouTube Videos in 2018| Urdu Hindi Tutorial

Hi Friends!! I’m Tamoor Pardasi here with another new video related to YouTube video SEO and ranking. In this video I will tell you that how you can do SEO of your video or rank your videos on YouTube in 2018.

Once your video is ranked you start getting a lot more views because your video will come up on the first page of YouTube for your specific keyword. The best part is that this happens on a daily basis meaning you will be getting your videos seen every single day by new viewers over and over. Many people on YouTube suffer from getting views on YouTube because they make many mistakes while uploading their video on YouTube. In this video I will tell you complete information that how you optimize your video using video SEO.

I will tell you the 12 powerful tips that will help you to rank your videos on YouTube in 2018. Below is the 12 tips for you to rank higher your YouTube videos in 2018.

1. Use keywords in your title, description and tags.
2. Use competitor tags in your videos.
3. Use your channel name in tags.
4. Use title of your topic related rank video in your tags.
5. Get your visitors to engage in your video.
6. Use proper tags in your video.
7. Use catchy title to increase your CTR (click through rate)
8. Use a great thumbnail so people click on your videos.
9. Write long description of your video but it should be about the video.
10. Try to make longer and effective videos to rank your YouTube videos.
11. Use your competitor tags so your video will be in your competitor’s suggested videos.
12. Make better ad longer videos to increase your watch time.

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Working with Developers (5 Tips for Designers) | Design workflow tutorial

Today I share my Top 5 Tips for Designers who are working with developers. Let’s face it…Working in teams is hard! Collaborating is hard! Passing your designs off to a developer and having the final product not be all that you hoped it would be is frustrating… But maybe we as designers can take a little of the blame and try to see it from the other side of the coin.

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In this video, I cover the tips that will help you have successful handoffs to your developer or development team.

“Consider others as more important than yourself”
This golden rule applies to life in general but also applies to designers working with developers. Spend the little bit of extra time valuing their time, their, workflow, their processes, and them as a person and you and the project will be better off for it.

5 Tips to working with developers:

1. Involve developers form start to finish
2. Document your designs excessively
3. When possible prototypes for animations and interactions
4. Be really organized
5. Adapt to their process a little bit

I hope that you guys already have amazing experiences when you’re collaborating with your dev teams. If you don’t maybe try these tips out, and if you do have great experiences try these anyways and see what it does for you.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments ????????


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