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Lake Norman Painters Expand Online Presence

Savage Painting has been one of the premier painting companies around Lake Norman. You’ve likely seen their truck or crew, going from job to job. They are one of those companies who have been around long enough that if you haven’t used them personally, you likely know someone who has.

There are several things that set their business apart from the run-of-the-mill contractor around Lake Norman.

For one, they are meticulous when it comes to detail. Whether it is in the prep work or the painting process, you’ll find that Savage painting delivers more value in how carefully they prepare and paint. The attention detail effects every area of the business. Even their work truck doesn’t have spilled paint on it! Keeping the workspace clean and carefully painted is key to every job.

The other thing that is different is that they don’t use the cheapest paints. Sure, any company can say that they use “Sherwin Williams” or “Benjamin Moore”. What the unsuspecting homeowner doesn’t know is that there are different levels of these companies paints. Savage Painting insists on using higher-quality paints to guarantee that their jobs come out perfectly.

Finally, Savage is fast. Whether they are helping you get a room done before your kid comes home from college, or racing the moving truck to get your new lakefront house painted before you move in, these guys know how to get a task done on time.

In a world where most contractors hire whatever talent isn’t too drunk or drugged, Savage painting is a refreshing example of old-world values where the craftsman takes pride in their work.

At Charlotte SEO, we are proud to work with them to expand their visibility in the region. We will assist them in fleshing out their digital footprint and helping their site establish the critical authority signals that will help it stand the test of time.

Savage Painting
114 Old Squaw Trail,
Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 562-2127


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Shutter Company Expands Online Marketing Campaign

Elite Shutters of North Carolina was born, originally, in the unforgiving environment of the South. Starting in Georgia, Elite Shutters began offering high-quality Shutters and Plantation blinds to savvy homeowners in Georgia.

When the business owners moved to North Carolina, they brought their passion for quality shutters with them.

Often thought of as a “nice-to-have” luxury item, homeowners often overlook the value and quality of life that a high-end window treatment system will add to their house. Worse, they often shop box stores for the cheapest options.

Elite Shutters understands that the right window treatment is more than a quality of life benefit; it also adds value to the home.

Image of the elite shutters website before the redesign

It’s important to choose a shutter that is of the correct material and style for a house. Furthermore, it should match the homeowner’s habits and lifestyle.

In a world of off-the-shelf clones, Elite Shutters is one of the few white-gloved services to help the discerning homeowners get the idea shutters for their house.

Recently, Elite Shutters reached out to Charlotte SEO for consultation on their online marketing. For years, they have managed their marketing in-house and wanted a fresh set of eyes on their long-running and highly successful campaign.

Several suggestions were made, including a mobile-friendly website, SEO optimization and Ads optimization. A Multi-phased approach is being pursued with a priority on the action items that will bring the fastest increase in lead flow.

Charlotte SEO is always pleased to partner with local businesses, especially those company’s that specialize in providing a personalized touch that local residents can’t get from the multi-corporation conglomerates.

Elite Shutters NC
1859 Scott Futrell Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208, USA


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Charlotte General Contractor Launches New Site

Never since the Great recession of 2007 has it been a better time to remodel a house or build new construction. House prices are climbing steadily, and building a new house can offer immediate, unmatched equity.

Choosing a contractor to build your dream home is no light matter. Many of the contractors have been in business in Charlotte for the past 2 decades or so. Unfortunately, some of the most well-known firms command the highest prices and require the longest waiting times for new jobs to be started.

New firms offer a shaky proposition. Many of them may be untried and unproven by time, but in light of the overworked, firms, homeowners are forced to choose a lesser-known options.

Allen Sparks at EQ Custom Home Builders is seeking to change that. As an experienced contracotr in Fort Mill South Carolina, he’s been building homes and providing upscale remodels for years. His clients turn to him time and time again when they are seeking the highest-quality construction.

He recently completed the rare feat of becoming licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina. This provides him with the ability to take his experience across the state lines and provide the same level of design and quality to the Charlotte customers who are languishing on the waiting lists of the over-worked and harried firms.

Furthermore, Allen isn’t one to wait for customers to come to him. Charlotte SEO Firm is excited to work with EQ Custom Home Builders and to help them improve their search engine visibility for search terms like General Contractors in Charlotte NC as well as General Contractors in Fort Mill South Carolina.

By placing their website on the front page of Google, it is possible for customers to find Sparks and his team, and engage their services.

While new residential construction is the core of their business, they also do commercial construction and Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, all built to the current code standards.

6277-600 Carolina Commons Dr #359,
Indian Land, SC 29707
(803) 265-7030

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Paintly.fun Makes Paint n Sip Parties Fun And Easy!

It’s almost 2020 and our generation is anxious to learn how to do things by hand. The skills of sewing and cooking and crocheting and crafting we’re thought to have been lost on the 90’s babies, but the millenials are fighting hard to keep them current.

All across America, Franchises are popping up that offer to reach you how to paint, cook and do pottery. For a high fee, you can come to a crowded, overbooked event with your friends, try hopelessly to keep up with the instructor and paint your own poor excuse of a masterpiece. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted, it’s mentally stimulating and it is a great way for an extrovert to make great memories.

However, there is an even wider group of people who thinks it would be fun to try one of these events — just without all of those people. For the introvert who values quality time with their friends, a new company is coming to the rescue

With their at-home paint and sip kits, Paintly.Fun is emphasizing the fun of learning to paint. You get a kit that contains everything you need (including the easel) and a video. You can do it privately, and use it as an excellent and affordable introduction to painting. Or, you can invite some friends over, crack open the wine and create an evening that no one will forget.

For the couple who is tired of the same old boring date night routine or for the married couple who can never find a babysitter to take the kids, these do it yourself kits are an excellent way to bring some spark into your life and break the routine.

Each kit is easy to follow and non-intimidating. If you ever wished that you could learn painting and wanted to do it a a fun way, these painting kits are exactly what you have been waiting for.

CharlotteSEOFirm is excited to work with Paintly Fun on their marketing. We’ve started by helping them evaluate their competition and to identify which keywords are driving the most traffic to those competitors. We then helped them optimize their site with those keywords and craft new content to help their site rank in Google for those terms. And, finally, we’re working with them to get more exposure and authority ranking signals to move the site higher in Google.

Already, in the first few weeks, we are seeing improvement in their Google position, with more keywords being indexed and appearing in Google.


While many business owners attempt to do this on their own, one of the ways that Charlotte SEO Firm can help Paintly achieve their goals faster is by identifying a reverse ladder. With this system we go for the product terms that offer the fastest pay-off. That way we can get their site ranking quickly, help them find more customers who want to have painting parties, and help them fund their future growth.

Many tools offer to do something similar, but after years of working with Google, we are faster than most at getting results for our customers. We look forward to helping them connect with more adoring fans, and to spark new memories.

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Charlotte Pet Sitting Uses Charlotte SEO To Compete With Rover.com

In 2019 the small business owner is at a crossroads. International corporations with large budgets and startups with millions of dollars in angel investments are entering the field where mom and pop businesses once ruled the day.

For several years, now, the more lucrative HVAC and plumbing industries have been keenly aware of this shift as companies like HomeAdvisor and YellowPages invade their market and begin advertising locally and then reselling the leads.

Recently, Queen City Pet Sitting in Charlotte had begun noticing the same thing happening in their market. Sites like Rover, Wag, and Petsmart we’re advertising their pet sitting services and competing on Adwords and in Google for the same terms.

It means that the small businesses need to start increasing their volume of business so that they can begin competing on the same margins as these larger companies.

Queen City Petsitting approached Charlotte SEO for assistance. They wanted to improve their visibility for the search phrases “pet sitting” and “dog walking” in Charlotte. By securing more of the market share using search engine optimization, they will be able to better compete with these larger businesses.

The first part of the campaign was to analyze their AdWords and to suggest a small Google Ads campaign. By doing so, we were able to begin providing a steady stream of leads that enable them to keep making a profit and to operate more competitively in the pay-per-click model. A hybrid approach likes this allows the business to get a steady stream of leads, now, while they wait for the more long-term SEO services to take effect.

The next thing was a top-to-bottom site overhaul. There were multiple security flaws in the code and the site had mixed HTTP and HTTPS content. Securing the site top to bottom and adjusting the code of the theme allowed the client to present their customers with a faster checkout experience and more secure payment and reservation forms.

The next thing was to remove thin and duplicate content from the site. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and in the case of this site, it was a natural result of a business that has been on Google for nearly 10 years. Bu cleaning up their site and strengthening key pages, we were able to present a more unified message to the search engines and customers.

From there it becomes a matter of continuing to optimize for the key terms and to move the site higher in Google. Charlotte SEO Firm has a long track record of that, and we are looking forward to helping yet another mom and pop shop stave off the looming threat of the conglomerates.

Queen City Pet Sitting & Dog Walking – Charlotte
7418 Edenbridge Lane
Charlotte NC 28226

(980) 202-2745

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Fayetteville HVAC Company Launches New Marketing Initiative

HVAC is the quintessential service-based business.

Service-based businesses perform exceptionally well in Google. The customer in need of a repairman pulls out their phone or laptop and performs a simple search for a repair company in their area.

Usually, one of the top three results in Google will get the business.

As a result, the companies at the top of Google tend to perform better than those lower on page 1.

Air-Pro Heating And Air Conditioning in Fayetteville, NC is capitalizing on this opportunity to build their business. Using a fresh new website layout and an easy online booking system, they are taking advantage of this new stream of traffic to grow their business.

Charlotte SEO Firm is excited to work with them to promote this new business. There are several new strategies that we are using to promote this business.

image of airpro hvac website

Technical SEO

One page websites are easy: all you need to do is optimize the homepage with the proper keyword terms.

Most businesses begin adding more pages. Soon they have contact pages and appointment setting pages.

Then, an SEO company that they hire will mention that they need to blog. These busy owners will find time in their busy lives to add a few hundred words to a blog post.

Now the site is full of short blog posts, categories, and tags.

The end result is a site that is full of thin content and that isn’t ranking as well as it should.

We always begin with a sitewide cleanup and page-by-page keyword optimization. Often, this results in a rankings increase and added call volume in under 6 weeks.

Google My Business Optimization and Promotion

The Google maps listing is one of the biggest revenue creators for HVAC companies. We prioritize this optimization process to make sure the client climbs into the top map positions as rapidly as possible.

These map positions are often easier to move up in Google, and or aggressive posturing here can lead to increased rankings on the website rankings.

One of the things we like to do is to work with the client to get new images and coupons for their listing.

These tend to lead to increased conversions, so our client can steal more business away from the competition.

Be Number 1

There are a lot of little moving parts on improving a website’s rankings. Ultimately, it comes down to making sure that the website is number 1 in Google.

Air Pro is an excellent example of a business that is a first class company. We are looking forward to making them number one in the Google rankings.

Air Pro Heating And Air Conditioning
6109A Yadkin Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 964-4203

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Jimmy And Sook’s Crab Tshirts Launches Website Redesign

In 2018, CharlotteSEOFirm added several new tools to help us analyze how customers interact with the internet. By analyzing how the user interacts with our client’s websites, we were able to detect predictable patterns that enhanced conversion rate. We also learned what layouts defeated conversions and interfered with the sales a site would generate.

This ability to double and triple conversion rates has paid off. We’ve had clients who — with their same website — went from barely being able to pay the bills, to needing to hire new staff.

When we were approached by Jimmy and Sook at the end of 2018, we knew that we could help that get a higher conversion rate with a site redesign. Jimmy and Sook is a fashion design company who operates in high-end fashion. They understand their audience well and cater their fashion designs and their message to their core demographic.

Our role was to create a new website that enhances their look even more and creates an easy flow throughout the site, making the buying process simple.

The site was launched in early 2019 with Google Analytics and Hotjar heatmap tracking to allow the client to continue to watch how the customer interacts with his site, and make further adjustments as necessary.


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Charlotte Tile Installer Pushes New Marketing Campaign


A bathtub with pink tile work

Some of The Local Work NC Tile LLC Has Done

Looking to get tile installed? You are about to have more options! NCTileInstaller.com recently started a new marketing campaign to increase their visibility in the Charlotte, NC area. Their goal is to make it easier for Contractors and Homeowners alike to find their services and to receive the best care possible.

You can see their information, here:

8520 Paw Valley Ln
Charlotte, NC 28214

Here are some marketing ideas for our clients who might run a service-based business but are struggling for visibility.

So you want to start your tile installation business, but just don’t know where to start? For starters, exceptional marketing will determine your success in the tile installation industry. As a flooring company owner, there are many different ways to promote your products and services to residential and commercial customers. Here are smart tips that will help you get more clients to find you and hire your services.

Launch a Social Media Campaign

The internet has changed the way business has been done for the past decades. If you want to be competitive nowadays, you must turn to the internet for marketing solutions. Social networking sites and online platforms significantly boost sales without spending an excessive amount of money. Launching a social media campaign will help you reach your target audience for your tile installation business. Social media sites like Facebook improve your marketing outreach by many folds because they reach a larger group of audiences.

Blog Useful Business Tips and Ideas

If you have the liberty of time to go online and tell a story, tips or an idea related to your business, a blog will help you promote your company. Blogging doesn’t take much time as long as you know what you are talking about. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour daily to create meaningful and informative stories, tips and ideas about your tile installation business. Willing customers will eventually find your blog.

Repeat Customers and Feedbacks

Nothing beats good feedback from your customers either new ones or repeat clients. Deliver the best services and let your customers help you spread the word about your business. When people start talking positive things about your business or company, good things will come your way. Invest in good customer service to get customers to repeat and freely advertise your business to their family and friends.

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Timber Frame Homes In Charlotte Expands To A Nationwide Market

Mill Creek Timber Frame Homes is located in Saluda North Carolina. They are a premium dealer of high-end, customized, Post and Beam homes and are the trusted name that folks in North Carolina rely on to deliver.

They have been seeing an increase in the number of orders coming in from across the country and they reached out to Charlotte SEO to assist them in increasing their presence in Google and acquiring more business.

Timber frame homes are houses with a frame structure of massive posts and beams. These are connected with pegs or any preferred type of joinery. Also known as “post-and-beam” construction, timber framing uses heavy timbers that are sturdy and capable of producing open design houses without sacrificing the structural safety of the building.

What is a Post and Beam Home?

A post and beam home has been around for thousands of years in many parts of the world. The exposed wood adds beauty, style, and character to any home. A post and beam home is different from log homes. The key distinction between the two types of homes is the method of using wood in the construction of the buildings.

The Benefits of a Timber Frame Home

The unmatched durability of massive timbers lasts hundreds of years. Unlike conventionally-built homes, timber frame homes have more structural integrity. The exposed timber and open floor designs allow architects, engineers, builders, interior designers, and other professionals in the field of building construction to make a beautiful house.

How Much Does a Timber Frame Home Cost?

The cost of building a timber frame home will vary due to several factors. Large timber can be much cheaper in some places. Unfortunately, it can be expensive in other parts of the country. Before it became popular, timber framing was less expensive because of the speed advantage. However, timber framing has become more expensive today due to the lengthened time in processing orders.

Are Timber Frame Homes Energy Efficient?

Aside from its aesthetic and structural advantages, timber frame homes are energy efficient because of their open house designs. Timber frame homes are designed to have effective insulation to cut down the cost of energy. While some of the modern designs no longer serve their energy efficiency purposes, there are still homes that are designed to be energy efficient.

To get your own design, contact Mill Creek today!

Mill Creek Post & Beam Co.
1970 Holbert Cove Road
Saluda, NC 28773

PHONE: (828)749-8000

<iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m26!1m12!1m3!1d416983.9040786692!2d-81.90505576835103!3d35.264048085633306!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m11!3e6!4m5!1s0x88569893a72e1cd5%3A0x2fcbbabe829d566e!2sAirport+Dr%2C+Charlotte%2C+NC+28208!3m2!1d35.2088118!2d-80.9290316!4m3!3m2!1d35.2509753!2d-82.32367099999999!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1539203351977″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Marketing Plan For An Effective Couples Therapy Counselor in Charlotte NC

Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with a Charlotte Couples’ Counseling service, the Wellness Counseling Center located in Charlotte, NC. For the team at Charlotte SEO firm, this is a huge honor. Strong marriages create strong generations and translates directly into a stronger community.

By helping to increase their visibility in Google, we are making their service easier to find which helps their potential clients find them sooner, and get the help they need for their relationship.

As we start this campaign, the Wellness Counseling Center is on page 1 of Google For most of their key money terms. We will be looking to move them up quickly into the top 3 spots where they can take over the market share of these calls.

We help our client’s to rank higher in Google using the “Shark Tank Effect”. Just as small businesses get a boost and recognition by being on the show, the “Shark Tank”, at Charlotte SEO, we work on getting the site mentioned where it matters and building their Brand authority for the Google Algorithm.

You can contact the Wellness Counseling Center, here, for an initial consult:

Wellness Counseling Center
309 S. Sharon Amity Road
Suite 310
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 319-5593


Making a relationship work out and stay stronger throughout the years is a challenging task for every couple. Fortunately, there are ways to make the relationship work and keep the fire burning between two people.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a term used when a professional helps couples in a relationship to address the marital issues and other chronic relationship problems on a long-term basis. The idea of the therapy is to reconnect with your partner, mend the fences between the couple, maintain a healthy relationship, and keep the spark alive for the years to come.

The Different Types of Couples Therapy

Positive Psychology – The therapy promotes positivity through the emphasis of positive emotions, character strengths, and constructive institutions. Unlike with the other types of couples therapy, it helps you identify happy moments in your relationship instead of recognizing them in retrospect.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – Dr. Susan Johnson’s therapy method was originally developed for couples. Eventually, it was used in marriage counseling as well as in hospital settings and training centers. The therapy is among the best methods when depression and similar issues are the known culprit in relationship struggles between couples. Our Client, the Wellness Counseling Center, has seen tremendous results in the couples they’ve counseled in Charlotte, NC.

Gottman Method – The method mends the fences between partners by learning to understand one another. With the use of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, relationships are strengthened through increased affection, respect, and intimacy between partners.

The Gottman Method is a blueprint for couples who are experiencing a downward spiral in their relationship. It was designed as a love map for one another to assist them to better understand the happiness, worries, stresses, hopes, and other emotions of their partner.

Narrative Therapy – The goal of the therapist is to separate the negative parts of your love story to gain a new perspective on your situation. The technique of stating the negative issue in a narrative form allows the therapist to turn the story into a positive one. With narrative therapy, you can effectively rewrite the narrative of your relationship story from a different perspective.

Imago Relationship Therapy – The combination of western psychological techniques with spiritual and behavioral couples counseling techniques is used to find a solution to the relationship issue.

Individual Counseling – There are situations when one of the two isn’t willing to undergo couples counseling. Individual counseling is a good way to understand the conflict when both do not wish to attend counseling sessions together.

Working Out Your Communication – Poor communication in the workplace results to problems between the employer and employees. The same thing is true about poor or unhealthy communication in the relationship between couples. A couple’s inability to communicate properly will eventually affect the health of their relationship.

Whenever your relationship is in jeopardy, the best thing to do is to act and communicate to solve the problem before it goes out of control. While mending broken fences between you and your partner is no easy task, your reaction and actions will dictate the outcome of your efforts in stitching your relationship together.

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