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A Grain of Sand – Vintage Beads and Jewelry To Heal The Soul

For many years stones and crystals are used for various purposes, and they offer numerous benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Stones of different types pass on a balance and harmony to the ambiance and people, they transmit the energy of mother nature to our body, so it has several uses as therapies, protection and also as adornments. The stunning beauty of precious stones continues to impress generations and is always going to be used for fashion, therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.
Stones, beads, gemstones, etc, are accessories that will always be part of our daily life, making it more beautiful and sophisticated.

A very good example of this uses are the gemstones, I’m sure that you saw a bunch of them in different places and people, we have for example the agate stone, that has metaphysical properties including balancing your yin/yang energy, and inspiring courage, it comes in many colors and is usually characterized by banding or stripes, so, it’s a good stone to make accessories because it goes with almost everything. The pretty famous stone, amethyst, is known for assist with healing alcoholism, compulsive behaviors, and addictions of all kinds, besides the power to change the ambience energy from negative to positive. The black onyx is considered to be one of the most powerful protective stones and can help to relieve stress and increase emotional stability, it’s a form of quartz and can be found most commonly in white, tan, brown and black. The black color makes the accessories made of onyx very sophisticated and suitable for formal situations. The rose quartz is most powerful for learning to love one’s self and accepting the love of others, also, it’s good for mending broken hearts, it comes in a soft pink that can be easily used to compose day looks, keeps it sophisticated and clean at the same time.

A Grain of Sand specializes in vintage beads and findings, sterling silver, vermeil, copper and brass beads, freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstone beads, crystals and other from many countries as Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, Japan, etc. They hand select unique items like pearl beads, gemstone beads, cabochons, and beading supplies to go with them, besides the outstanding collection of clasps. The store has a 20-year history of providing quality products to their clients, it all started with a shoe box filled with stones and twenty years later they still keep up with the friendly service and high customer satisfaction as a local business in North Carolina, if you are looking for a good price and awesome quality, this is indeed your place.

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Miller Stark Klein and Associates Makes the Collections Process Easier

About Miller Stark Klein and Associates

miller stark klein logo

Dealing with what seems like insurmountable debt can be frustrating, overwhelming, and even a little scary, especially during troubling economic times that have brought about numerous financial challenges for both individuals and businesses.

In effort to try to mitigate further financial risks and to clear away debt for good, many individuals and businesses have sought the expertise of a professional and reputable debt mediation firm to help them settle bad debts and manage the collections process. One debt mediation and collection firm that is most notable is Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates.

About Debt Mediation Services and the Collections Process

Debt mediation is a collaborative effort to settle or reduce the overall debt an individual or another business or entity owes a creditor. Debt mediation involves assigning an account to a qualified account representative who works as a “mediator” between the client and the individual or business regarding the debt owed. Part of the job of the mediator is to attempt to negotiate a payoff amount that the debtor agrees to pay.

As trying economic pressures have turned many businesses upside down, many have seen the benefits to working with reputable and professional debt mediation and collections firm in order to attempt to recoup some financial losses. In fact, it has been proven that businesses who choose to work with a debt mediation and collections firm have seen greater success in stressing the urgency to get customers to pay.

Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates is a debt collection agency with many years of experience in the collections and debt mediation industry. Through their experience, the team has helped evolve the collections process with its negative stigma and long line of unethical practices and unsuccessful stories to a more efficient, professional service with the best possible recovery rate. The mission behind Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates is to provide the best in service, quality, and accountability.

Debt Collection Done Right. Unfortunately, many debt collections agencies have earned poor reputations for using overly aggressive and even unethical tactics and practices in getting customers who have default accounts to pay. However, the team of professionals at Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates uses professional yet effective tactics and approach in order to stress the urgency of past-due and default accounts, and even adheres to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Businesses and organizations who have chosen to work withiates to influence a quick financial recovery from past-due and default accounts know that the team can provide businesses with better opportunities to allocate finances, talent, and other resources to other areas of the business in order to aid in its growth and development.

The team at Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates is also known for their creative problem solving as well as their ability to find elaborate, efficient, and cost effective solutions that are professionally tailored to clients’ needs in order to achieve the best possible results from debt collection efforts.


The team at Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates has a high track record of success in helping clients recoup some of their financial losses due to past-due and/ or default accounts. By using a number of different professional resources and ethical methods and tactics, the team at Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates is highly trained and knowledgeable in working to find the best possible debt collection solution.

For more information on the team at Miller, Stark, Klein & Associates, call 888-813-6630, email or to reach out to the team today on one of the following sites:

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Carolinas Insurance Services Opens In Monroe, NC

About Carolina Insurance Services

Carolinas Insurance Services in Monroe, NC opened it’s doors in October to local residents. They are independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs. The headquarters is located in Monroe, NC and they focus on North Carolina and South Carolina in order to offer affordable and reliable insurance choices all across Carolinas.

They will help you find the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price to fit your needs.

Insurance Tailored For You

They invite you to call them at (704) 289-8404, or contact them at  to review coverage options for auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance, renters insurance, boat insurance, and more. They provide free, no hassle and no obligation insurance quotes to help you make an informed insurance decision.

Affordable, Reliable Insurance Choices

Carolinas Insurance Services strives to offer you quality insurance coverage, a high level of professional service and a long-term relationship. As independent insurance agents in the Carolinas, they’ll research rates and coverage from top insurance companies to find the best insurance rates and insurance plans for you. They do the insurance shopping and comparing for you to save you time and money!

Carolinas Insurance Services
2202 W Roosevelt Blv Ste A
Monroe, NC 28110
(704) 289-8404

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Quimby and Collins Orthodontists in Charlotte NC Will Make You Smile!

With the advancement in technology, almost everyone owns a smartphone. We constantly update our social media accounts with tons of images and videos. Whenever we look at our pictures, we often focus on the beautiful smiles we wear. Unfortunately, some of us do not have the best smile due to crooked teeth, misaligned jaw, and other common orthodontic problems.

While brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleaning are important oral hygiene practices, they can’t help fix orthodontic issues. You need a specialist who understands the problem and someone who can provide the ideal solution.

Quimby & Collins Orthodontics specializes in providing the sweetest smile to its clients. With up-to-date equipment and knowledge, the board certified orthodontists and their highly-qualified staff are the best providers of winning smiles in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What Makes Us Different from the Others?

Charlotte Orthodontists Dr. Meredith L. Quimby and Dr. Kelly A. Collins believes in the importance of building and maintaining a solid, long-lasting relationship with the patients. At Quimby and Collins Orthodontics, our goal is to provide you with superior orthodontic experience. We use the latest technology like SureSmile, iCAT, Invisalign, frictionless brackets, digital impressions, and other advancements in the field of orthodontics. The shared knowledge, ideas, design treatment, and expertise between Dr. Quimby and Dr. Collins provides excellent benefits to the patients.

An attractive smile is one of the best benefits of orthodontic treatments. Our treatment plan is simple, convenient, and cost-effective. You don’t have to undergo costly orthodontic treatments just to improve your self-confidence. With Quimby and Collins Orthodontics, you can enjoy correct teeth and jaw that are easy to clean and more resistant to gum problems. We specialize in different types of frictionless braces for young and adult patients, Invisalign, retention, orthognathic surgery, myofunctional therapy, early treatment, common problems, and oral hygiene.

We Give Back to Our Community

Quimby and Collins understand the significance of giving back to our community. Therefore, we take pride in being a part of Smile Change Lives, a non-profit program which helps needy families address orthodontic problems. We also support the American Cleft Lip and Palate Association and the Big South 5k. Our office also provides professionally fitted mouth guard to protect the precious smiles of our American athletes.

If you are looking for the professional who can help you achieve the perfect smile for your face, call us today, and we’ll educate you about our treatment plan.

New Luxury Car Dealership in Charlotte, NC

FerrariWhen a customer buys a car with a price tag from the high fives into the six-figure range, they expect to be treated very well indeed. They want to feel that they’re receiving something more than just a piece of sexy metal. Luxury car dealers, especially in Charlotte, know that their customers want concierge service and a luxurious experience. But the “WOW” factor doesn’t begin after the sale is made. When looking for a luxury car, shoppers can expect to find a broad range of ‘extras’ available from the moment they walk in the door of the most attentive luxury car dealers.

BMWSome iconic brands like Ferrari and BMW struggled to make it to the new order of things. A few failed spectacularly and are no longer with us. Others compromised craftsmanship and quality to lower price. Many of these companies lost portions of their market, and some are unlikely ever to recover their former prestige. A few brands, especially those that were on the cusp of becoming established high-end retailers, struggled through, damaged but mostly intact. Recognizing that a product sold not because of the price but because of value, these manufacturers sought to cut costs while placing greater emphasis on their luxury car dealerships to reach deep into their customer base and extract sales. The brands survived by finding volume over quality. Relationships with clients suffered and the product may have been diluted, but the model lines survived.

Some brands, especially those well established and familiar with market cycles, stayed the course. They have emerged stronger than ever. Instead of cutting back their product, they doubled down on their luxury car dealerships. They ensured that they had the most knowledgeable and professional staff. Their salespeople are truly brand ambassadors who know about and love what they sell as much as they buy. Their service departments treat each vehicle as if it were their own. At these luxury car dealerships, it’s white-glove service from door to door. The vehicle is an icon of quality engineering, high performance, and good taste. This niche is the future of the high-end market.

The highest end of the vehicle market weathered the economic turbulence of the last few years by doubling down on their established values. Deep roots in a history of excellence, a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship, and strong ties to their communities enabled these luxury car dealerships to emerge ready for a 21st-century market. They provided the highest level of service, from the point of sale and beyond, to establish their product as an icon of quality and good taste. The level-headed coolness in the turbulent economic times of the last few years has reinforced their customer’s confidence that the brands they value will stay true to the high standards that are the hallmark of their reputations. Their futures look bright. If you are looking for Ferrari’s for sale or BMW’s for sale in Charlotte, NC checkout the Formula One Imports Website.

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Leather Suppliers Like Discount Leather Hides Are On The Rise!

Leather Hides on a rackLeather evokes emotion and mostly the strong ones. Some get thrilled; some get intimidated, and some get furious because of the insensitivity showed to animals during its extraction. Irrespective of the intensified campaigning by the animal rights activists, the sale of leather products is unapologetically – on the rise! Leather lovers around the world are basking in the glory of trendsetting leather designs which are getting showcased at a neck breaking speed.

Industry experts in a candid confession admit that leather apparel has been one of the hottest flavors of this season and its popularity is shooting up enormously. New trends in the leather apparel are being spotted in almost every fashion week. Innovative and different forms of leather such as crocodile, alligator, snakeskin and stingrays are attracting a new segment of buyers, all across the globe. Leather apparels are now available in never before seen textures and colors with the help of latest innovations in the apparel sector.

Earlier many uses to think that leather apparels would be suitable only for winters however with the help of state of the art technology, many of the experimentation is carried out to make leather – an all season fabric.

About The Leather Industry

As per the last statistic available, Leather Industry employs about 2.5 million people. It is an important contributor to our foreign exchange and is on the verge of aggressive growth, post-recession.

Leather suppliers, like Discount Leather Hides, ship a wide array of cowhide and upholstery leather to be used in products like jackets, shoes, belts, pants, hats and jewelry, which is paired in different ways and are in great demand as an extended set of fashion accessory.

Leather suppliers can provide you with quality materials at an affordable price, and this is the type of equipment that you should want for your car’s interior.

When you are restoring a car, or you simply need to replace the upholstery on your seats, you know that you have a big decision to make: leather or fabric? While you may like fabric, there are lots of advantages to buying from leather suppliers instead. Before you make a decision on the material to use for your interior, consider these benefits of using leather.

First, leather is easier to clean. If you have children, or you might have children riding in the car on occasion, this is critical. Children make messes in cars, and you should install leather if cleanliness is a problem for you. With fabric, you will need to worry about stains. But any leather suppliers will tell you that leather can just be wiped clean in most cases. Also, leather implies value. It is essential both for the resale value of the car or for your enjoyment. It impresses people to have a car with a leather interior. If quality is your concern, then finding good leather suppliers should be your priority. The leather is also tougher than fabric. While some worry about damage to leather, fabric tears much easier and will need to be patched up on a regular basis. This is also worth considering.

Leather Suppliers

Leather suppliers can provide you with quality materials at an affordable price, and this is the type of material that you should want for your car’s interior.

On the downside, one of the major challenge for the leather suppliers in the upcoming times will be to make peace with the environmentalists and animal rights advocates for a hassle free long run. Globally new laws are being drafted to mitigate the problem of toxic waste arising out of leather manufacturing, and toning and leather suppliers themselves should initiate a solution rather than take a laid back approach on this issue.

In addition to it, leather suppliers are struggling to post higher profits, these days, due to the increasing price of the raw material. Moreover, buyers too are getting selective as they don’t shy off from demanding sophisticated leather products with the natural look or innovative textures.

Despite the issues discussed above, leather industry is on a high due to the ever increasing demand for the leather products. Overall, this upcoming year seems to be the year where leather suppliers will have the capability of making a mark for themselves and consolidate the gains made in previous years. There are lots of advantages to buying from leather suppliers now and in future.

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A New Courier Service in Charlotte, NC – Arrowmail Courier Service

courier service delivery man

There’s a new courier service in Charlotte, NC by the name of Arrowmail Courier Service. ArrowMail Courier Service offers a wide range of same-day delivery services including messenger, courier and distribution services for clients consisting of small local firms to large national corporations. We provide services throughout the Charlotte, NC area. When our clients transportation and distribution needs extend across North America, we enlist qualified associate partners across the continent to see that your delivery requirements are satisfied. If you are located in Charlotte, NC and need a courier service, you contact Arrowmail on their website or connect with Arrowmail Courier Service on Google+.

What is a courier service?

A courier service is a service that allows you to send a package or shipment from one place to another. Courier services are increasingly becoming popular due to their superior speed, security, tracking, and specialization. Initially, courier services were developed as a means of providing customers with an alternative way of sending their deliveries. They were viewed as a more secure and cheaper alternative to traditional delivery options.

With the rise of online shopping, they increasingly became popular as they enabled people to order multiple items at once and have them shipped to their home in a speedy and safe manner. Many large online sellers have a dedicated courier for their deliveries. By using a dedicated courier service e-commerce businesses are able to get huge discounts. In most cases, a courier service will offer both international and national shipping services. International deliveries often involve two or three different couriers to complete the shipment.

A courier service is an ideal solution to many of your transport needs including transporting prized possessions, beloved pets or moving items while relocating. The services included by most couriers depend on your needs or requirements. Some of the primary courier services include delivery of the heavy or large parcel, delivery of national and international shipments, safe and secure transportation, fast track delivery, next day delivery and signature signing as evidence of delivery.

If you are looking for a perfect way to send your parcels or consignments, try out a courier service. Courier services are far much better than using the traditional mailing options. Courier services will help you save both money and time. You also be issued with a tracking number so that you are always aware at what stage of delivery the parcel or shipment is at. In these current times, everyone wants their delivery to be almost instant. That is exactly what a courier service offers you.

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A New Smoke Shop In Charlotte NC – Vapor Smoke Shop

pax-2-vaporizerThere’s a new smoke shop in Charlotte NC that hasn’t been open too long and is providing much-needed products for those individuals that are trying to quit smoking and kick the cigarettes. Vapor Smoke Shop located at 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b Charlotte, NC 28270 is one of a kind.

The following products and more tobacco related products fill the smoke stores;

  • Vaporizers – Normally, none frowns at the idea of getting great vape pens. There is a one-stop place for a variety of vape pens, table-top vaporizers, dry herb vapes, the oil vaporizers and many e-cigs that you have always dream to use in your smoking life.
  • Rolling Papers –You need to package your tobacco nicely when you purchase it. That requires rolling papers. Many types are available in the smoke shop depending on the nature of what it is you want to package. Examples include but are not limited to the elements giant roller 12 inches and the zig zag cigarette rollers.
  • Dab Rigs, concentrate dab rigs, pipes and other accessories-Tired of harsh smoking experience? Dabbing rigs are available in smoking shops. You can easily inhale smoke from oil and your nicotine without having any combustion. No need for filtration of debris like is required in traditional smoking.
  • Lighters and torches – It is abundantly clear that every average Tom and Jane that likes enjoying smoke will smile at the thought of having the best lighter possible. Look at that Bic lighter, that butane, the refined butane canister that an excellent smoker’s desires are available here. Variety and quality rule when it comes to their availability.


If you are needing a local vape shop in Charlotte, then check out Vapor Smoke Shop. You can connect with them on the following sites:

You can also find directions to Vapor Smoke Shop below on the map:

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