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You’re searching for a solution that will bring you more leads, more customers, and more sales…Or…maybe you’re not getting the results that you need from your other SEO company. Whatever the case, we can solve your problem.

Charlotte SEO.

We successfully claim the #1 position in Google for industry specific terms  and it allows us to connect with great people like yourself.

We can make you #1 for various terms in your industry. Guaranteed.

Our SEO experts can put your site on the homepage of Google for your target phrase. How do we know? Because we’ve done it over and over.

We have 1 goal…

Imagine if you had 1,000’s of visitors coming to your website all hungry for your product. Wouldn’t that be nice? With the proper keyword research and knowing what phrases to rank for, we figure out where your buyer traffic is and out put your site there. Much like erecting a billboard along a busy highway…but with targeted traffic for…

Instant Visibility. We bring you leads inside month 1.

While ranking in Google is a long process and takes time to get the real free traffic flowing to your site, we don’t want you to wait to start having leads come in. So right out of the gate we hit the ground running with Google Ads. We’ll setup We will develop Google AdWords campaigns that will drive leads while we are trying to build your optimized online profile.

It’s a Marathon. Not a Sprint.

It takes a while to earn Google’s trust as a brand and earn the right to rank high. We have to establish you as a legitimate brand online and build up your credibility, authority and trust in the eyes of Google. Google asks the question: “Why would Google rank you high if no one else online trusts you?” The best part is Google is showing us who it wants to rank in its top 10 results. It’s showing us exactly what it wants. So, as a starting point, we analyze and reverse engineer the top 10 results to find out what Google is wanting to see in your specific niche and the search phrases you want to rank for. Then we start building up your trust and authority and watch your site start rising. While we could rank everyone in your niche, we understand

There can be only one.

If you are working with us and your competitor calls us desperate to be #1, we will not work with them. We only work with 1 company in each niche because there can be only one site ranking #1. We plan on making everyone of our customers a champion in their niche and taking them to the top for years to come.

We’re Here For You.

You know you have a lead problem. And we know how to solve it. Fill out our discovery form to start a conversation on how we can get qualified leads flowing in your direction.

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