New Luxury Car Dealership in Charlotte, NC

FerrariWhen a customer buys a car with a price tag from the high fives into the six-figure range, they expect to be treated very well indeed. They want to feel that they’re receiving something more than just a piece of sexy metal. Luxury car dealers, especially in Charlotte, know that their customers want concierge service and a luxurious experience. But the “WOW” factor doesn’t begin after the sale is made. When looking for a luxury car, shoppers can expect to find a broad range of ‘extras’ available from the moment they walk in the door of the most attentive luxury car dealers.

BMWSome iconic brands like Ferrari and BMW struggled to make it to the new order of things. A few failed spectacularly and are no longer with us. Others compromised craftsmanship and quality to lower price. Many of these companies lost portions of their market, and some are unlikely ever to recover their former prestige. A few brands, especially those that were on the cusp of becoming established high-end retailers, struggled through, damaged but mostly intact. Recognizing that a product sold not because of the price but because of value, these manufacturers sought to cut costs while placing greater emphasis on their luxury car dealerships to reach deep into their customer base and extract sales. The brands survived by finding volume over quality. Relationships with clients suffered and the product may have been diluted, but the model lines survived.

Some brands, especially those well established and familiar with market cycles, stayed the course. They have emerged stronger than ever. Instead of cutting back their product, they doubled down on their luxury car dealerships. They ensured that they had the most knowledgeable and professional staff. Their salespeople are truly brand ambassadors who know about and love what they sell as much as they buy. Their service departments treat each vehicle as if it were their own. At these luxury car dealerships, it’s white-glove service from door to door. The vehicle is an icon of quality engineering, high performance, and good taste. This niche is the future of the high-end market.

The highest end of the vehicle market weathered the economic turbulence of the last few years by doubling down on their established values. Deep roots in a history of excellence, a commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship, and strong ties to their communities enabled these luxury car dealerships to emerge ready for a 21st-century market. They provided the highest level of service, from the point of sale and beyond, to establish their product as an icon of quality and good taste. The level-headed coolness in the turbulent economic times of the last few years has reinforced their customer’s confidence that the brands they value will stay true to the high standards that are the hallmark of their reputations. Their futures look bright. If you are looking for Ferrari’s for sale or BMW’s for sale in Charlotte, NC checkout the Formula One Imports Website.