Calgary SEO Tips

Calgary SEO Tips

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Four Tips to help you rank in Calgary SEO
1. Create google my business profile. This is a free tool that you can create yourself with no previous knowledge. You are advised to fill in all the required information. Label your images used as this will help google bots to better understand your content.
2. Get testimonials on your website and business pages. Reviews and testimonials indicate a certain level of authenticity and therefore fosters trust not only as recognized by google but also to your new potential customers.
3. Use brief videos. Create brief 90 seconds’ video (more or less) to quickly help your clients to easily connect and reach out to you. These videos should not be filled with professional jargons but simply easily understandable words of expression and of course include value content.
4. Include your website, products, and services to any relevant online local directories. Search for online directors that are relevant to they products and services you offer and get listed there. Ensuring the directory is related to you is of utmost important, choose meaningfully.
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