Rand Fishkin’s Top 5 Tips for SEO in 2016

//Rand Fishkin’s Top 5 Tips for SEO in 2016

Rand Fishkin’s Top 5 Tips for SEO in 2016

This video presents The Top 5 tips for SEO presented by Rand Fishkin in 2016. The tips were gathered from Whiteboard Friday section in Moz’s website. You can find the links to the original videos down below:
1- https://moz.com/blog/how-to-model-the-demand-distribution-curve-of-your-niche-whiteboard-friday
2- https://moz.com/blog/can-seos-stop-worrying-keywords-focus-topics-whiteboard-friday
3- https://moz.com/blog/seos-direct-ranking-signals-google-whiteboard-friday
4- https://moz.com/blog/related-topics-in-seo-whiteboard-friday
5- https://moz.com/blog/linking-internally-externally-from-your-site-whiteboard-friday


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