2016 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions

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In this infographic breakdown, we check out ten 2016 web design trends that have been shown to boost website conversions. Whether you’re a web professional or looking to revamp your own site, this is definitely worth a watch!

Here is a look at what will be covered:

2016 Web Design Trends 1: Full-width Images
Replacing several small images with one great big one stops users in their tracks. This kind of interruption often leads to increased conversions.

Web Trend 2: Split-Screen Layouts
In order to increase conversions, you want to split people and funnel them to whichever page or category is going to interest them the most, and using a split screen is a great way to accomplish this.

Trend 3: Monochromatic Color Scheme
By using shades of a sinlge color, and using a contrasting color for your main CTA, it is able to stand out, resulting in extra clicks.

Trend 4: Prioritized Navigation
Creating a visual hierarchy is key when it comes to user experience. By styling your main CTA as a button, and hiding your more secondary navigation items, it’s easy to direct users where you want them to go.

2016 Web design trends 5: Minimal Lead Capture
By stripping away all distractions, and focusing on a simple Headline, subheadline and CTA, you are much more likely to get users to give their email address.

Trend 6: Video
No matter how you use video on your website, it has the power to disarm and objections they might otherwise have, because video makes companies, services and products seem much more real and genuine, earning you TRUST.

Trend 7: Sticky CTA
To increase conversion rates, you always want your CTA to be ready to go. By keeping it in a sticky header, footer or sidebar, users will be able to quickly act whenever they choose to.

Trend 8: Card Design
Pinterest made this trend popular, but you can use it to quickly and visually funnel users to whichever area on the site they will most likely convert.

Trend 9: Single Column CTA
Studies have shown that by placing a strong headline, persuasive subheadline and CTA button in the middle of the page with plenty of whitespace around it can get people to notice it much more.

Trend 10: Personalized User Experiences
By keeping track of each user’s browsing habits, you can tailor the experience to them, resulting in a dramatic increase in conversions.

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