Case Studies

Every Business We Touch Increases Revenue. Here's The Proof.

One Call Plumbing was spending $2,500 in AdWords clicks and wasn’t getting the results they needed to keep the business going. Using the same $2,500 budget, we were able to tweak Google Ads to target the right people using a lower cost per click and started working on a proactive local SEO campaign. In only 10 weeks, the owner said there was a noticeable difference in phone calls and got his business turned around. By 12 months, we were able to 5X One Call Plumbing’s revenue and get their phone ringing off the hook with the right people needing their services.

Maid in Heaven is a locally-owned cleaning service that came to Charlotte SEO because, although they had a well-designed website, it was not generating a consistent supply of new customers. We took over full online marketing including web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). In their first ten months with us, this local business increased their site traffic by 236% and their lead flow by 289%.

Summit Comedy is a comedian hiring agency. They came to us stuck on the 10th page and not sure how to fix it. We started out building several high quality links to our clients site to build up the authority and trust of the website to get it moving.We could not get it to improve any further than page 10 of Google. At that moment we knew there was some kind of penalty on the site and further analysis was needed.