Google Penalty Recovery Services

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Have you noticed a sudden traffic loss or significant drop in your website rankings? Well, you have most probably been hit by a Google Penalty. Don’t panic! We’re here to help you recover your traffic and SEO rankings.

Google and other search engines have, in the recent years, been updating their algorithms in an effort to improve the user experience. With these changes, the past successful SEO strategies that helped you stay competitive can, unfortunately, put your website at high-risk of penalty. This will surely hurt your legitimate business.

Before anything else, it’s imperative that you understand the common reasons why Google can penalize your site. They include:

  • Unnatural links to your site
  • Unnatural links from your site
  • Publishing keyword-heavy content
  • Pure & user-generated spam
  • Using a free host and it’s spammy
  • Site reported as a hacked
  • Spammy structured markup
  • Deliberately cloaking pages for SEO or CTR purposes

Recovering from a Google penalty

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We know you need the most reliable and efficient Google penalty recovery services to get your site back on track. Well, with the help of our SEO expert team, we’ll utilize the tools and strategies to carry out an in-depth analysis into your website and assess the on-page content, as well as pinpoint why your site has been penalized by Google.

What is included in our Google penalty recovery service?

Diagnosing penalty type

Our first and foremost approach is to clearly identify the type of penalty. Basically, there are two main Google Penalties:

1. Manual Penalty

Google’s web spam team can manually review your website and send you a clear message in your Google Webmaster Tools account, notifying you of the action taken. This often happens when you have utilized the various black-hat SEO techniques. It could also be due to the negative SEO backlinks from aggressive competitors.

2. Algorithmic Penalty

These are the most common penalties, and which happen automatically. They are often based on two algorithmic updates: Google Penguin and Google Panda. Each algorithm is related to a certain theme- quality & unique content, over-optimized anchor texts, links, mobile friendliness, etc. for which a site needs to be prepared. These updates can have very shocking effects on your website traffic and ranking.

3. Collecting Backlink data

Our SEO experts will perform a link audit to analyze all the linking domains in your website’s link profile to collect the needed information, which will help determine the linking sites that might have caused the Google penalty.

4. Identifying and removing Spam Links

Once we already have a list of backlinks, we’ll pinpoint all the spammy or low-quality links responsible for the penalty. After that, we’ll contact all the webmasters and have these links directly removed at the source. And once your link profile is cleaned up, we’ll use Google Disavow tool to detect the few links that were not removed.

5. Submitting a Reconsideration Request

Our last step is to reach out to the Google Webspam team and request them to reconsider your site, showing that we carefully followed the key steps and actions to fix the problems.

Get your website back on track today! Our team of experts will provide you with professional, well-researched, reliable, efficient, and excellent service to recover your website(s) from any type of penalties. We will assist you to recover your traffic and rankings so as to boost your business.

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