Real Case Study: 5x Business Growth in 12 Months

Preston started to feel the growth around 8-10 weeks with the phone ringing drastically different. By the end of 12 months, we 5X’d his business through Google traffic.

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“We put everything into you guys, but you’re turning out to be the best investment and decision we have made in a long time! The money’s not rolling in yet, but we are getting opportunities to bid where we would have been overlooked in the past. Not all inquiries are coming from the contact forms. More people are calling in for larger projects, they want to speak to a human. Larger solar street lighting project and solar pathway lighting projects. Huge opportunities. If it wasn’t for your work, we would never get the calls. I’m not sure how to measure those results until we are securing orders. Once we secure some orders we are upgrading.  I see the competition is aware we are on their heals and they are working just as hard to stay above us.” – Dan W., Solar Lighting International

SEO Results

Actual search engine ranking reports from Charlotte SEO customers.


No matter how great your website design may be, potential customers are missing out on finding your site if you don’t have great visibility online. A poor web presence means you are missing out on revenue that you could be generating if you had great rankings. Charlotte SEO specializes in organic search engine optimization that will increase traffic by optimizing your website for a wide variety of search phrases on Google. Since 2006, we have helped businesses to grow and increase revenue through highly successful SEO campaigns.



Our customized SEO plans are tailored to each individual client we work with. We have not and will not ever offer “one size fits all” SEO packages you may see on other websites. With each SEO client we take on, our goal is not simply to increase traffic but to help you increase revenue through your website. Whether you sell a product or a service, we want you to able to get a great return on your investment. With SEO, it truly is an investment and with most investments they take time to pay off.



At Charlotte SEO, we are so confident in our abilities we do not require long term contracts. Our clients stay with us because they want to….not because they have to.


Literally, no BS search engine optimization. Let’s move your website out front.

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