5 Tips for Etsy SEO Christmas Prep

Want to make sure your Etsy items get found this Christmas? Learn how to add some quick and easy Christmas time SEO to your Etsy items!

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Hi there, I’m Jenni. I take people like you and show them how to escape horrible day jobs by creating an online craft business.

Currently, I run a successful Etsy business and sarcastic blog that pay the bills and then some.

But I got started just like you, one step and a time. Some scrappy marketing here, some flying by the seat of my pants there…and a whole lot of hanging on by a prayer.

But then something changed. I made a few strategic moves and suddenly everything got easier. And before I knew it, I had a business that could stand on its own. A business that made my corporate job look like a joke.

So now I use my time to teach YOU my tricks for success. Come join me on the dark size: where we work from home, choose our own hours, and tell our bosses to go screw themselves.

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