8 SEO Tips for Beginners

Learn how to optimize your website for the search engines. I give you the best of my knowlegde and show you how rank higher in Google!

I wil talk about creating content that is valuable to the visitor. Don’t create a small blog just to rank on Google. Offer value. It is Googles mission to provide visitors with the best information, so create amazing content!

I will talk about the speed of your website. If you don’t have a fast website, Google will lower your rank in the search results. So make sure you have a fast loading website. I will show you how to increase your website speed.

Your domainname does not have to contain important keywords anymore. Earlyer this was important to Google. Now it is not. I went from WORDPRESSking.com to Ferdykorpershoek.com. I have more visitors then ever before. So choose a good domainname. Rather .com than .org or .net.

I will show you how I optimize my blogpost. By using titles, headers, keywords and links.

Optimizing my images is a important part of my SEO strategies. It helps me to rank higher! I will show how I optimize my images!

The time of 300 word blogposts is over. Create long, complete (and compelling) blogpost that cover a lot information about the subject to write about! I give you some examples.

I give you a small Yoast tutorial.

I will show you some ways to analyze your website (or your competitors website) using Semrush. It has a free and paid version.

Goodluck with optimizing your website!