A Grain of Sand – Vintage Beads and Jewelry To Heal The Soul

For many years stones and crystals are used for various purposes, and they offer numerous benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Stones of different types pass on a balance and harmony to the ambiance and people, they transmit the energy of mother nature to our body, so it has several uses as therapies, protection and also as adornments. The stunning beauty of precious stones continues to impress generations and is always going to be used for fashion, therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.
Stones, beads, gemstones, etc, are accessories that will always be part of our daily life, making it more beautiful and sophisticated.

A very good example of this uses are the gemstones, I’m sure that you saw a bunch of them in different places and people, we have for example the agate stone, that has metaphysical properties including balancing your yin/yang energy, and inspiring courage, it comes in many colors and is usually characterized by banding or stripes, so, it’s a good stone to make accessories because it goes with almost everything. The pretty famous stone, amethyst, is known for assist with healing alcoholism, compulsive behaviors, and addictions of all kinds, besides the power to change the ambience energy from negative to positive. The black onyx is considered to be one of the most powerful protective stones and can help to relieve stress and increase emotional stability, it’s a form of quartz and can be found most commonly in white, tan, brown and black. The black color makes the accessories made of onyx very sophisticated and suitable for formal situations. The rose quartz is most powerful for learning to love one’s self and accepting the love of others, also, it’s good for mending broken hearts, it comes in a soft pink that can be easily used to compose day looks, keeps it sophisticated and clean at the same time.

A Grain of Sand specializes in vintage beads and findings, sterling silver, vermeil, copper and brass beads, freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstone beads, crystals and other from many countries as Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, Japan, etc. They hand select unique items like pearl beads, gemstone beads, cabochons, and beading supplies to go with them, besides the outstanding collection of clasps. The store has a 20-year history of providing quality products to their clients, it all started with a shoe box filled with stones and twenty years later they still keep up with the friendly service and high customer satisfaction as a local business in North Carolina, if you are looking for a good price and awesome quality, this is indeed your place.