Beginner SEO Tips for Your Blog: Check Off These 5 Things For Every Post!

Beginner SEO Tips for Your Blog: Check Off These 5 Things For Every Post!

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These 5 seo tips for bloggers are the foundational pieces to boosting the visibility of each post, but remember the best search engine optimization for your blog is producing high quality content on a frequent and consistent basis.

Here again is a summary of the beginner seo tips for your blog discussed in this video.

Create a checklist for yourself with these 5 points, so that you can incorporate each into every post:

1) MAIN KEYWORD: Use Google to find your main keyword phrase relevant to your blog post and that doesn’t have too much competition (# of results pulled)

2) TITLE: Use your main keyword phrase for the beginning of your title post and include something unique for the second part of your title.

3) TAGS: Pull up the #1 – #3 rankings for your main keyword phrase in Google, go into their site, right click on the post and look at their meta tags or meta keywords. Use those for your post if relevant.

4) H1/H2 TAGS: Google gives preference to titles which is why these tags are important. Use H1 tag for the title of the post and when you get to a part in article that warrants more emphasis, like a subheading or sub section of your post, don’t just make the text bold – make it an H2 subheading.

5) INTERNAL LINKS: Create links within your posts to other posts/pages on your site.

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