Blogspot SEO Tips – Blogger Tutorial

SEO is one of those little things that every Blogspot blogger should be knowledgeable about. SEO means the process of implementing changes to your blog that makes it easier to process and more attractive to search engines. These changes can be as easy as changing a setting or they may require some more intrusive changes to your Blogger posting habits. Lucky Google has made it very simple to increase the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your Blogspot blog.

In this video I show you simple changes that can be made your Blogspot blog that are sure to increase your SEO.

Jump to each Blogspot SEO tip:
1. Write A Description For Your Blog – 00:30
2. Format Post Images for SEO – 01:00
3. Proper Use of Keywords – 02:44
4. Format Permalinks 03:36

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