Maid In Heaven

289% Lead Increase


Maid in Heaven is a locally-owned cleaning service that came to Charlotte SEO because, although they had a well-designed website, it was not generating a consistent supply of new customers. We took over full online marketing including web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). In their first ten months with us, this local business increased their site traffic by 236% and their lead flow by 289%.



Maid in Heaven has a long history of serving Charlotte’s residents. A new site launch in 2017 was generating around 25 new leads per month. This was far below their desired target of 100 leads per month. They enlisted Charlotte SEO to help with a comprehensive marketing action plan.

This niche offers unique challenges in that, while it is a local business, it is challenged by multiple franchises.  It is important in these scenarios to create a marketing plan that allows the small business to achieve a greater footprint while at a smaller budget.

“I wasn't sure it was going to work. I had to take a leap of faith. And it paid off.” - Beth


The first step was to improve the site’s conversion rate. These conversion optimization actions delivered an increase in the number of leads over the next 10 months to surpass their goal by 50%. They are now getting 150 leads per month! Conversion rate optimization prepared the site to capture the most leads possible as the traffic continued to increase.

The next step was to optimize the site for the search engines. Pages were added for each local municipality near Charlotte to expand the site’s ability to capture local customers within a reasonable radius. This drew in more people in their target market that may have been searching alternate key phrases.


An overview of real data for Maid In Heaven and the increase in monthly users.

“We are trying to keep up with the influx of new business.” - Beth


The local Google business listing was also optimized, placing Maid In Heaven at the top of the local search engines. This had the added benefit of highlighting their stellar reputation in the community and established them as the most reputable local cleaning business. For some businesses, just being placed in this 3 pack will make the phone ring off the hook with local clients.

Finally, immediate lead generation is a critical component for a lot of businesses. Search engine traffic may be the gold standard for lead generation, but there is a significant time delay of several months required to move a site higher in the rankings. NO ONE can overcome the length of time it takes to rank. Google says in its patent that it takes 20-70 days to award the power of 1 link making it a long game and not a sprint. With advanced optimization software and formulas, it is possible to generate a large amount of traffic from paid campaigns, even in niches where national companies are competing with their larger budgets. So we started out with Google AdWords, Click-To-Call and Remarketing sprinkled in at the beginning to start generating leads in month 1.

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Traffic increased from 2 visitors per day to 22 visitors per day. That’s 10X the traffic!

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We sprinkled in Google AdWords, Click to Call and Remarketing to get new traffic and bring potential buyers back to purchase when they were ready.


Maid in Heaven has come a long way. And you can too. We started building their authority, trust, relevancy and built their online profile to increase their credibility and legitimize their brand online in the eyes of Google. We crafted their web pages as the best choice for Google’s users. The end result was 5-8 Form Fills per Day, 5-7 calls a day, 18.2% conversion rate, and 2.2x more website visitors per day. Maid in Heaven is covered up with business and ready for the next phase of the business life cycle.

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“The phone is ringing off the hook.” - Beth