Summit Comedy

Google Penalty Recovery


Summit Comedy is a comedian hiring agency. They came to us stuck on the 10th page and not sure how to fix it. We started out building several high quality links to our clients site to build up the authority and trust of the website to get it moving.We could not get it to improve any further than page 10 of Google. At that moment we knew there was some kind of penalty on the site and further analysis was needed.



The main challenge was figuring out which penalty was applied to Summit Comedy. We reviewed all incoming links using Ahrefs and discovered several hundred links that where from low quality foreign websites that provided no value to our target market. These links were causing a penalty in Google. This penalty was not listed in Google Webmaster tools but it was obvious that we had one since we could not get past page 10.


Since we couldn’t tell exactly when the links had been applied this website that caused the penalty we decided to run a report using Link Research Tools that provided us a deeper analysis of all the links coming into the website. From this report we were able to identify the toxic links that needed to be removed in order to lift the (Penguin) algorithmic penalty.

“We were stuck on page 10 and nothing would move us. We thought all hope was lost. Then we met Charlotte SEO and they rewrote our stars.” - Chuck


After careful analysis of the report we built a list of all the domains that we wanted Google to ignore if we had a link on that website. These were unwanted toxic links. We began working with Google to get the penalty out of there. Once we got this corrected, the hard part for any SEO Consultant and their clients started… being patient. About 30 days after our work was completed the Summit Comedy website went from page 10 of Google results to Page 1.


Description of Figure 1.1 Shows the amazing increase in traffic from the site moving from page 10 to #3

“About 30 days after our work was completed the Summit Comedy website from #100 on page 10 of Google results to the #3 spot on Page 1.”


We were able to relaunch Summit Comedy and put them on the homepage amongst their top competitors giving them a fighting chance for market share. After lifting the penalty, they were instantly visible for 100’s of the top keywords they wanted to rank for in their market.

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“Without Charlotte SEO, we would have had to close our doors.” - Chuck