Chronic Care Management Software That Helps Your Practice Grow

Thoroughcare’s Chronic Care Management Software is a piece of software that helps practices manage their chronic care patients recurring tasks and even billing.

“In January of 2015, CMS (Medicare) implemented a new chronic care management program that reimburses providers for managing their chronic medicare patients.  This new program (CPT Code 99490) creates a significant new revenue source for providers.  For the first time ever, non-face-to-face encounters are now billable.  There’s a list of items which Medicare requires in order to bill for 99490.  While this program can seem difficult and overwhelming, we think we’ve created a simple solution to allow providers of all sizes to successfully manage their CCM Program.” – Thoroughcare

The program reimburses physicians and practices who manage chronic care patients with two or more chronic conditions. Before January 2015, Medicare could only be billed when the patient was physically in the office. Under this new program, non-face-to-face services can now be billed under this program. Many of the tasks which you already perform today can now be included as part of your program which will reimburse you for tasks that were previously not reimbursable.

You can watch a complete overview video from Thoroughcare below: