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Cummings & Lewis Personal Injury Attorneys

Charlotte SEO is proud to help Cummings & Lewis, LLC, a personal injury law firm located in Spartanburg, SC. Cummings & Lewis has helped many individuals needing help with personal injury cases. For those of you who do not know anything about personal injury law, here’s a brief overview…

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is the legal remedies and defenses which allow a person to file civil charges against a defendant for the harm committed. Also known as tort law, the civil lawsuit is commonly the result of improper conduct that caused misfortune to the plaintiff. In most cases, a private plaintiff seeks financial compensation for the damages caused by the negligence.

Although mishaps may occur to any person at any time, the injuries, pain, and financial problems you suffer because of personal negligence call for legal disputes. Fortunately, you can be financially compensated thanks to the personal injury law. Below are some of the basics you need to know about the personal injury law.

The Basics of Personal Injury Rules:

  • Accidents – in most situations, personal injury law is applicable in accidents due to negligence on the part of the defendant. The carelessness of the defendant has caused harm to another person, which according to the law requires financial compensation. Medical malpractice and car accidents are a few examples of the common accidents where you are entitled to financial compensation according to the personal injury law.
  • Defective Products – the defender is legally responsible for the injuries caused by defective products. Although the injuries caused by defective products are unintentional, you are still entitled to product liability claims.
  • Defamation – aside from physical harm, personal injury law also applies to damages to your good reputation. Defamatory statements can ruin the good reputation of a person. You can sue someone for defamation and file for personal injury.
  • Intentional Actions – personal injury law applies to any intentional act that endangers the individual’s life and health.

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