Ep. 12 – Loan Officer Video Marketing, 4 Video Blog SEO Tips, YouTube Live

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What you’ll learn in this week’s show:

1:16 – Video Marketing for Mortgage Professionals – Scott just came back from a Finance of America event in Puerto Rico – their annual mortgage event – where he shared video marketing tips for loan officers and branch managers. If you’re a loan officer, interview your referral partners on your own local real estate community video blog which you then promote to your database of past clients and people you know. It can be about community news, market updates, Q&A, buying/selling tips, mortgage updates, and more. Not only will this bring marketing value to your referral partners (i.e. real estate agents) since you’re helping them get exposure, you’ll also generate new buyer and seller leads from your own database. No top real estate agent will turn down an appointment with you (or give business to another loan officer) when you’re bringing them business! If you’re a branch manager looking to recruit productive loan officers, create business coaching videos to educate your loan officers (and prospective ones) on the details of specific loan products and how to be a productive person. We also recommend you interview your best loan officers to share what they are doing be successful, which is essentially a success story for you.

6:39 – Top 4 Ways to Boost SEO of Your Video Blog – Vyral Client Kyle Lancashire asks us how to get better search rank on his video blog. He’s already doing great – ranking 6th on the page. To make it better, we share a pie chart of what most people think Google looks for when ranking your website, with a few specific suggestions. In short, we need to update his blog ‘title tag’ with the exact keyword phrase he wants to rank for right at the start of the title (i.e. Best Austin Real Estate Agent), publish more local content specific to areas in Austin (using the word ‘Austin’ a lot) that most importantly people actually watch/read/share (we recommend answering questions about what it’s like to live in specific Austin neighborhoods), getting all your websites, and local authoritative websites such as the local Chamber of Commerce and the local news, to link back to your video blog, and finally using more internal links to other blog posts on your blog. We cover the full strategy in this video.

16:31 – How to Use YouTube LIVE – It’s super simple to create a live event on YouTube. You’ll see exactly how to do it in about 30 seconds. Use a YouTube live event to steam anything you want, and when it’s done, it’s saved right on YouTube like any other video. We can interview you on YouTube live for your videos here at Vyral Marketing if you like. You can see an example of a YouTube LIVE event replay on our latest Keeping it Real show (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl1PFFP_mqU). This is a great way to interview anyone in the world, too. YouTube LIVE is the rebranded Google Hangouts.


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