Get More Views and Subscribers With These 2 Hot SEO Tips

There are two major Search Engine Optimization tips I wish I had known when I first got started on social media. I’m sharing them with you today.

Most YouTube creators focus on tactics when it comes to SEO. The miss some of the necessary strategic principles that can really make their tactics super effective.

One such strategic principle is:

1. Make content for an under-served audience.

So many people are looking for great information or entertainment on YouTube and they aren’t getting it from the big channels. This is your chance to swoop in and claim these viewers for your channel.

2. Make content for an audience who’s not being served well.

Some audiences have people serving the content they are looking for. But, the content is not particularly good. Think about what you want to see on YouTube that no one is doing well. Make it yourself and BOOM, you’ll have new loyal followers who will love you for it.

There’s a 3rd bonus principle that you’ll have to watch the video to get. Enjoy!

How to grow your YouTube channel

1. Write great titles

Remember that great titles are more about click-ability than search-ability. You want to create titles that viewers will WANT to click on. Just remember not to make your titles misleading. Your video should actually be about what your title suggests.

2. Create Great, Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails

Again, you never want to deceive your viewers, but you should be making thumbnails that immediately grab the attention of your viewer. With a large percentage of YouTube viewership moving to mobile, you must have thumbnails that cause people to stop swiping and engage.

3. Optimize your channel

Create a clear and compelling profile with an in-depth description of what your channel is all about.

Also, integrate your social media and website into the space allotted.

Create multiple playlists and use them strategically on your YouTube homepage.

4. Do proper video SEO

An important part of making your channel and videos discoverable is optimizing for SEO. YouTube is the second largest online search engine, and SEO will help your videos reach the most people possible through search.

You’ll want to make sure you have dynamite:


On every single video. You will also want to make sure and research yoru topic so that you can choose the proper keywords to target in all three.

5. Find out where your viewers hang out and then go there and make friends.

The title says it all. You need to be connected with your viewers in a tangible way. And one of the best ways to do this is to find out where your viewers hang out online and then go there and add value.

6. YouTube Collabs (Collaborate)

It’s a great idea to collaborate with other YouTube users as a way of expanding your own community. Not only will you gain exposure through the other users’ channel, but you will introduce your own audience to a new face. There’s a good chance that the user you are collaborating with is relevant to your industry, so by introducing them to your audience you are adding value to their YouTube experience.

I attribute 90% of my growth to the collaborations I’ve done.

7. Connect with your audience

When I was just starting out as a musician, my mentors taught me that I should play for 2 fans the same way I would play for 2,000. Engage your audience authentically and always make yourself available for their questions and comments.

8. Create playlists

Yep. Do this often to take advantage of the SEO and Watch Time boosts they can bring you. When you share a video with your audience, be sure to send them the link to the video in the playlist, not just the stand-alone video.

9. Include calls-to-action

Humans are busy. Often, they won’t remember to leave a comment, ask a question or subscribe unless you ask them to. So ask them to!

10. Promote your YouTube channel on different networks

Don’t be spammy, but find networks like Reddit and Twitter where you can share your videos in a way that will be pleasing to potential viewers.

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