Google Voice Guidelines, SEO Tips & AdSense Display Issues – This week I published the monthly Google webmaster report, this past December was the busiest December in history. Google published their Google Assistant and voice search search quality raters guidelines. Google is testing a new look for some featured snippets. Google said GoogleBot doesn’t make up URLs to crawl. Google said you internal link structure on mobile and desktop do not need to be the same. Too many subfolders on your site doesn’t hurt your Google ranking. Google explained why your Search Analytics report might look weird. Google Express is heavily promoting their service in the search results. Google Image search wont let you find images before April 2008. Google AdSense publishers are complaining that their ads are not displaying. Yahoo Search is now filled with too many ads. Danny Sullivan fights back on allegations that he was hired to be kept quiet. This week the search community honored Wil Reynolds, Pamela Lund, Ross Hudgens and Elisabeth Osmeloski. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

January 2018 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Assistant & Voice Search Guidelines :
Google Featured Snippets Showing “According To” Above Some Results :
Google: GoogleBot Doesn’t Make Up URLs To Crawl & Index :
Google: Mobile Internal Link Structure Doesn’t Have To Be The Same :
Google: Too Many Subfolders Doesn’t Hurt Your Search Rankings :
Unusual Keywords In Google Search Analytics Reports Might Be Knowledge Graph Related :
Google Express Shows Massive Promotion In Search Results :
Google Image Search Can’t Find Images From Before April 2008 :
Google AdSense Publishers Reporting Ads Not Displaying Again :
Yahoo Search Filled With Search Ads :
Danny Sullivan: I Was Not Hired By Google To Keep Quiet :
Wil Reynolds – The Search Community Honors You :
Pamela Lund – The Search Community Honors You :
Ross Hudgens – The Search Community Honors You :
Elisabeth Osmeloski – The Search Community Honors You :