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Did you know that your website becomes obsolete after new trends come into play? Let’s identify the top 4 web design trends for next year

Here are the web design trends that are going to take over 2017 – and how you can use them to keep your website looking fresh.

4 unique trends that have gained traction over 2016 and will likely continue well into 2017.

1. Layouts that let content shine
The arrangement of the elements should be such that the user can read the message clearly without slowing down the speed
Many designers feel that the flat design trend has taken the “soul” out of design
2. Draw attention with GIFs
Don’t Abuse GIFs & Animations
But bring life to your website through these elements
Gifs (and animations) show a deep understanding of design and give a sophisticated touch to any website
3. Unique layouts
Many creative designers tried to seek innovative ways to present content to readers
We have been seeing meticulously aligned and “boxy” layout a lot lately
4. Bold and Brighter Colors
Designers bought more personality to their work in the year of minimalism
A few cases of bright and bold color stood out and we believe that this trend will continue

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