A New Smoke Shop In Charlotte NC – Vapor Smoke Shop

pax-2-vaporizerThere’s a new smoke shop in Charlotte NC that hasn’t been open too long and is providing much-needed products for those individuals that are trying to quit smoking and kick the cigarettes. Vapor Smoke Shop located at 1627 Sardis Rd N #4b Charlotte, NC 28270 is one of a kind.

The following products and more tobacco related products fill the smoke stores;

  • Vaporizers – Normally, none frowns at the idea of getting great vape pens. There is a one-stop place for a variety of vape pens, table-top vaporizers, dry herb vapes, the oil vaporizers and many e-cigs that you have always dream to use in your smoking life.
  • Rolling Papers –You need to package your tobacco nicely when you purchase it. That requires rolling papers. Many types are available in the smoke shop depending on the nature of what it is you want to package. Examples include but are not limited to the elements giant roller 12 inches and the zig zag cigarette rollers.
  • Dab Rigs, concentrate dab rigs, pipes and other accessories-Tired of harsh smoking experience? Dabbing rigs are available in smoking shops. You can easily inhale smoke from oil and your nicotine without having any combustion. No need for filtration of debris like is required in traditional smoking.
  • Lighters and torches – It is abundantly clear that every average Tom and Jane that likes enjoying smoke will smile at the thought of having the best lighter possible. Look at that Bic lighter, that butane, the refined butane canister that an excellent smoker’s desires are available here. Variety and quality rule when it comes to their availability.


If you are needing a local vape shop in Charlotte, then check out Vapor Smoke Shop. You can connect with them on the following sites:


You can also find directions to Vapor Smoke Shop below on the map: