SEO Blogging Tips for Business Tutorial – Small Business SEO Tips

SEO Blogging Tips for Business. Use long tail keywords for business blogging for better SEO ranking. Learn SEO Blogging tips.

Short Video Transcript:

Hello everyone this is Janelle from
Buzzhub Media today we’re looking at SEO blogging tips for business to write better on WordPress and also just writing in general with your blog posts online.
Whether that be your social media or other blog postings and even other marketing messages. So here is a marketing hot tip. When you’re writing for online content it’s important to use keywords especially what’s known as long tail keywords.

Try to conclude your intro concisely as possible and mention the keyword long tail phrase such as “and so here are my 5 SEO Blogging Tips for Business ” in order to naturally re-state your “thesis” which are your keywords.

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