SEO Tips For Photographers | Alt Text

I talked to Benjamin Turner today and he brought up a great point. Setting alt text for every image is important for more than one reason.

One great example is the fact that Pinterest defaults to the alt text to populate the pin description if someone pins a photo from your site.

Other shares may also pull from the alt text.

Ben also believes that leaving out alt text can be a signal of a low quality site, since it ignores accessibility.

I concur, and just wanted to make that note!

This tip covers how to write alternative text for your images.

Alt text is one of the easiest ways for a search engine to understand the content in your image.

Alt text isn’t just a place to stuff keywords like “wedding photographer in my city.” It should be used to describe the content of the image.

Let me know what questions you have about alt text by leaving a comment below.

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