Google AdWords, Remarketing and PPC Management

Since SEO itself is a long game, and can take months to see the full affects, we like to sprinkle in Adwords as a service to our clients to help boost qualified traffic in the early stages. You will not be billed for this. As we grow SEO power to your site, we typically back off the Adwords and allow the organic leads to take over more fully on lead generation. SEO takes time to be recognized and rewarded by Google which is the reason for the Adwords currently. The budget is at our discretion based on what we see is needed to drive more of the right traffic. If you would like to start a more aggressive Adwords campaign, we can certainly set up a budget and plan for that too. Again, our goal is to help increase your business and give you an ROI. We will setup a new Google AdWords account for this in our Google AdWords Manager account to manage the campaigns. We will implementing the Google Remarketing tag to your site to start collecting visitors into a targeted list so we can remarket to the people that “come and go”. This will show ad banners to all visitors that have already visited your website and are familiar with your brand.

Higher Google Ad Quality Score Which Leads To Lower CPC and More Customers

  • Landing Page Design: a critical component to high performing Google Ads is the landing pages they point to. Google rates the content, user experience, and conversion quality and uses that to decide to promote your ad over a competitor’s ad.
  • Remarketing Banner Design: We will use professional design best practices to ensure that the banner ads represent the brand well.
  • Ad Copy Optimization and Best Practices: Where necessary, re-write key ad content to conform to best practices and address potential customers’ pain points in order to bring higher quality to the website.
  • Effective Ad Grouping: Google displays ads based on relevancy. Most companies are losing money by placing too many keywords in each ad group. This causes overspending and a lower ad rank.
  • Mobile Device Targeting: Top Turf’s organic search audience is significantly weighted to mobile users. Your Google Ads strategy needs to mirror that ratio.
  • Geographic Bid Variables: Don’t pay for traffic in places that you don’t service.

Google Ads Testing and Analysis

  • Split testing: On top of best practices, one strategy to really increase conversion is by split testing. Take two or three excellent ads and make them compete against each other for the #1 performing ad. Then promote the heck out of that ad. Rinse and repeat.
  • Negative keywords: A constant battle is removing unwanted clicks. Every week we will add negative keywords to the campaigns to make sure we are filtering out low-quality or irrelevant traffic. Attention to this process will increase quality traffic exponentially.
  • Ultra Targeting: We only want to target the buyers who are ready to buy and interested in your services. We weed out the tire kickers by constantly analyze the target search audience and sending them down the right traffic funnel.
  • Geolocation Restrictions: Radius targeting isn’t enough. Most companies miss critical configuring that keeps your ads from showing to users outside your service area even though they think they are. Don’t pay for traffic in places that you don’t service.
  • Search Remarketing: Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a feature that lets you customize your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and search partner sites.