Solar Lighting International Leads The Way In Commercial Solar Lighting

As the price of Solar powered lighting becomes more affordable, Solar Lighting International leads the way in pricing and options. In production since 2004, they have offices around the world.

For too long, solar energy has been relegated to being a “hat trick” for the homeowner who wishes to escape the monthly utility bill.

Those days are past. Fields of solar panels now support the national power grid all across the country.

It is time for business owners to take notice.

Commercial options range from security lighting to pole lighting to parking lot lighting. Light is a critical component of security and safety, and, until now, it has been a necessary monthly expense for the business owner. These new systems provide the same level of light without the monthly payment.

Additionally, portable solar generators and work zone lighting units are revolutionizing how construction and road crews complete their night time shifts.

The droning generators with their incessant fuel requirements are being replaced with a silent unit that provides ample light and is easily transported from location to location.

Outdoor security cameras are the final aspect of Solar Lighting International’s lineup. While not a lighting system per se, these units expand the protection for large corporations without requiring the same wiring and infrastructure costs.

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