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How to write SEO friendly article | SEO tutorials For Beginners
Anuj Bansal

This is the question every blogger wants to know the answer to. If you love writing and want to start your own blog, then I am sure you want to know that how your article can tops the list in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Here are some tips on – How to write SEO friendly article

1. The content should be unique and new: Do not copy paste your content from any other website or online source. That would be of no help. The best would be to create your own original content.
2. The structure of the article: It is important to give a structure to your article. This will make your article attractive to the readers.
3. Focus on keywords: Choose not more than 2 two keywords. This is most important to write a SEO friendly article.
4. Use of keywords: Use the keywords in the first paragraph of the article. And use it through out your article with the density of not more the 2-4%.
5. Conclusion: Conclusion should be such, which insist the audience or readers to read more. Place a link of your next blog at the last paragraph of your present article.
These are some simple tips by which you can write SEO friendly articles. For more video please subscribe to my channel. Hit the like button if you like the video.

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