Top 6 Ecommerce SEO Ranking Factors To Drive Traffic To Your Site

SEO of eCommerce Websites in 2017 is of utmost importance as it helps in driving traffic (and customers) to your eCommerce Store and so in this video we will share with you some of the most important eCommerce SEO Tips that will help you in achieving just that.

In this video, for your reference we will also list the Top Ranking Factors here :-

1) First up the most critical factor in ranking your eCommerce Website is the page load time. The longer it takes for Google to crawl your eCommerce Website the more it hurts your SEO and most importantly impacts your conversions.

Volusion, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms suggest that the load time for an eCommerce Store should be less than 3 seconds on a desktop and 1.5 seconds on a mobile. Also Radware says that around 18 percent of shoppers abandon their carts if the page load two slowly. So more detail about this in the video but as you can see by these numbers that page load time is of utmost importance for your eCommerce Website.

2) Secondly, we all know how important Mobile Searches are in 2017 and beyond. People today are not only searching but also transacting so again it goes without saying that your e Commerce Sites has to be mobile responsive. So get a good UI/UX designer today to fix any issues that might be affecting your mobile conversions.

3) Lastly, we will discuss about implementing Schema on your eCommerce Site so that Google is better able to understand what our content is about by giving it context and therefore it can better match the search term that the user is searching for and the content on your eCommerce Store.

On an eCommerce Website you can use Schema markup to define products, the offers you are running on your products, and even the user reviews. By providing this information your product will have a better chance of showing up in organic search result.

So, in this video we’ve shared 3 of the 6 most critical tips for eCommerce Store. For the next 3, watch part 2 of this video and don’t forget to like, share, comment & subscribe to Techmagnate for more such videos in the future. Thanks for watching.

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