Video SEO: 14 Tips to Boost Your YouTube Traffic

In this video, RankWatch Co-Founder Vaibhav Kakkar reveals his “secret” Video SEO tips to boost your Youtube rankings & traffic.

Youtube being the second largest search engine, it would be insane if you weren’t optimization your videos for it. This is why in this webinar hosted by Vidooly, Vaibhav gives out some of his treasured gems which can help you grab more eyeballs for your Youtube Video.

Here are a few key takeaways you will receive from the video:
– How to drive more traffic to your youtube videos
– How to drive traffic to your website from your youtube videos
– How to prevent leakage of your traffic to other videos on youtube
– How to make your way in the “suggested video”

How to Drive Traffic to Your Youtube Video 7:04
How to Hijack Youtube Traffic 12:38
How to Keep Traffic to Your Videos 18:21
Build Customer Thumbnails 27:49
How to Use Annotations 29:15
How to Use Google Analytics 31:02
Create Playlists 33:26
Take Care of Scrapers 33:53
Rank Your Video for a Certain Location 34:19
Sharing Your Video 35:14
Upload Converting Videos to Your Website 38:34
Q&A 43:50

Video SEO is as difficult or as easy as you make it! If you apply these strategies appropriately, you can easily relish the pleasure of increased number of views & subscriptions.

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