Which Website is Better for SEO, WordPress or Squarespace? | SEO Tips For Photographers


One of the most common questions that I get on almost a daily basis is, “What’s better for SEO Squarespace or WordPress? What’s going to be the best platform to host my photography website that is going to yield me the best SEO opportunities?”

And the answer is not simply one or the other. There are some different things to consider. Before we start, you have to understand that Google is platform agnostic, which means they don’t care what platform you’re on. So, Google itself and their algorithm is not going to give you better rankings because you are using a WordPress, or Squarespace, or whatever platform that you are using.

What is important to Google is the structure of the site and the user experience. Also having a website that allows you can create the best hierarchical structure, have the right code, have clean code, have ability to adjust page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, canonical tags and all the things that are go into properly optimizing a website for search engines.