Amazon SEO Tips – The Amazon a9 Algorithm Is Changing As Alexa Grows

Amazon SEO Tips – The Amazon a9 Algorithm Is Changing As Alexa Grows — to catch this exclusive offer for private content click here — .

What’s Up Everyone! Hollywood here and I’m pumped to share another one of Liz’s Amazon SEO tips videos. Liz is the Amazon SEO expert and dedicates most of her Amazon related work to breaking apart this algorithm. I’d bet an Amazon bundle she knows more about the SEO Amazon then most of Amazon’s engineers!

What you get in this video on the SEO on Amazon is Hurricane Liz’s recent change with Amazon’s Choice.

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For those who don’t know the Amazon search engine, Liz explained that when someone orders from Amazon from Alexa, Alexa will choose the product with Amazon’s choice. Amazon’s Choice is a huge asset to have to optimize Amazon listing for this reason.

Liz searches for Turmeric and Dog Leash to test out her theory on the decrease in the number of Amazon’s choices. Tumeric has an Amazon choice, but Dog leash does not .

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It’s odd that Dog leash does not have an Amazon’s choice since it’s such a competitive niche. This is why Liz believes Amazon is reducing the amount of Amazon’s choice on Amazon. The person who has an Amazon’s Choice on their product will have a huge advantage when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more Amazon SEO Tips from Liz and her upcoming video where she shares the numbers in one of her accounts.

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