How To Rank High On Google – 10 SEO Tips

Watch this video to learn 10 SEO tips on how to rank high on Google.

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Every page you get ranking is like a little employee working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for free!

Focus on 1 keyword, 1 page, 1 focus/call-to-action

Tips Covered in Video:

1) keyword in URL

2) Keyword as first part of the Title Tag

3) Keyword in 1st page headline (H1)

4) Keyword in content (less than 1% is ideal, don’t stuff it, write freely for usability, not SEO) & the more content on the page the better AS LONG AS it drives VALUE, looks good (beautified) and is relevant. Shoot for 2000+ words of super valuable and original content.

5) Relevant and compelling call to action (CTA)

6) Relevant and educational video

7) Add fresh/new content over time (recent blog posts / monster page)

8) Site architecture, supporting content/links (links from relevant content/posts/pages/off-site links). Think of your page as the plant and it’s root system is the supporting pages, posts and sites linking to that page feeding it with link juice and pointing google to that page and saying, hey google, that is the mother ship, you need to rank that beast high.

9) Add link from main navigation

10) Drive paid traffic from google & social (social proof)

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