Amazon SEO Tips – Unveiling the A9 Algorithm to Help Rank You to Page 1

Amazon SEO Tips – Unveiling the A9 Algorithm to Help Rank You to Page 1 — to learn more and pocket premium weekly content click here — .

What’s Happening Everyone! Hollywood here and I’m ready to share Liz’s Amazon SEO Tips video. If anyone knows the most about the a9 Algorithm its Hurricane Liz. Even the Amazon Engineers aren’t told everything! If you want to do amazon seo you have come to the right place

There are many variables involved in seo Amazon and Liz covers a few important ones for anyone trying to do Amazon optimization.

For those that don’t know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Much like Google Amazon is a search engine and is becoming more and more so to google.

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Giveaways are a key aspect to ranking via the Amazon search engine. Amazon recognizes sales velocity and will push you higher up the more sales you have.

You also want to optimize Amazon listing with a white background main image, right price point, and proper Amazon keywords in your listing. Google keywords do carry over to Amazon, but not always.

Amazon ranking to page 1 for the right keywords increases your sales drastically in general. You do that with Amazon search engine optimization and giveaways.

You don’t need an Amazon SEO service to do this for you, but if you want to just whitelabel the service to your client or have it done for you on your own products then all you need is –

A last ninja tip is to pay attention to first words in your Amazon title. These are weighed heavier than the rest for Amazon SEO .

Stay tuned for more videos on Amazon SEO and Liz’s trip to Vegas.