Board-Certified Orthodontist Encourages Parents to Bring Their Children for Routine Visits

Maintaining good dental hygiene is one of the most crucial parts of living a healthy life, especially for children. For American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certified dentist, Dr. Richard Ziehmer, and owner of Grinz Orthodontics, bringing kids to the dentist for their regular checkup and professional cleaning is a good practice if you want them to have healthy, strong, and beautiful teeth. And because you are teaching and encouraging them to take care of their oral health while they are young, the Tucson-raised orthodontist believes you are setting a strong foundation for the future dental health and hygiene of your kids.

With routine visits to the dentist, parents can help prevent dental and gum problems since orthodontists have the knowledge as well as the experience to identify potential orthodontics issues before they become worse. These trips will also increase the confidence of your children. As your children grow up, they become accustomed to the practice of regularly visiting the dentists.
Contrary to popular belief, going to the dentists isn’t expensive. These regular visits will help you save money while you get to keep and enjoy your real teeth for a long time. The earlier dental experts detect potential problems, the higher the chances of saving your natural teeth and possibly your hard-earned money as well.

So, how often should children visit their dentists? According to the experts in this field, parents should bring their kids for dental checkups and dental cleaning at least twice a year to make sure the young ones enjoy a healthy and beautiful set of teeth. Furthermore, dental experts emphasize the importance of regular checkups and cleanings as they provide the opportunity to examine the oral condition of the patient.

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