National Drug Testing Company Improves Substance Abuse Testing Programs for the Workplace

For Nationwide Testing Association, Inc., substance abuse and addiction in the workplace is one of the overwhelming issues most companies face because of the chaos it brings to everyone, including poor performance, health problems, injuries, theft, and many more. Since 1986, the North Carolina testing company has provided substance abuse testing programs to different industries to avoid these issues in the workplace. Over the years, testing modifications and improvements took place for faster, accurate, and more affordable substance abuse and addiction tests.

Nationwide Testing Association, Inc. launches its improved substance abuse testing programs to help eradicate the problem in the workplace. As one of the leaders in the field, the company never stops in finding the best testing programs for substance abuse-related issues. With the improved testing program, companies can now enjoy a faster turnover rate of the testing results at much competitive pricing. Additionally, the results are more accurate thanks to the latest technology in substance abuse testing. With these testing results, companies can decide on the best solution to the substance abuse problem in the workplace.

NTA offers other services, including compliance services, medical review officer services, drug-free workplace programs, point-of-care test kits, USDOT drug and alcohol testing programs, and background checks and motor vehicle reports. The NC company raises awareness of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace as it provides high-quality substance abuse testing programs for various clients all around the country.

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