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POWERFUL eBay SEO Tips For Finding Better eBay Keywords / eBay Tags

This video is going to show you how to create the BEST eBay keywords / eBay tags for your eBay listings using POWERFUL eBay SEO tips & techniques!

If you’re an eBay seller who is trying to increase traffic to your eBay listings in order to generate more views & ultimately, sales, then this video is going to give you the right eBay SEO training that you’re going to need to out-rank your eBay competitors to put in on the 1st page of eBay search results!

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YouTube Video SEO| 12 Powerfull Tips To Rank YouTube Videos in 2018| Urdu Hindi Tutorial

Hi Friends!! I’m Tamoor Pardasi here with another new video related to YouTube video SEO and ranking. In this video I will tell you that how you can do SEO of your video or rank your videos on YouTube in 2018.

Once your video is ranked you start getting a lot more views because your video will come up on the first page of YouTube for your specific keyword. The best part is that this happens on a daily basis meaning you will be getting your videos seen every single day by new viewers over and over. Many people on YouTube suffer from getting views on YouTube because they make many mistakes while uploading their video on YouTube. In this video I will tell you complete information that how you optimize your video using video SEO.

I will tell you the 12 powerful tips that will help you to rank your videos on YouTube in 2018. Below is the 12 tips for you to rank higher your YouTube videos in 2018.

1. Use keywords in your title, description and tags.
2. Use competitor tags in your videos.
3. Use your channel name in tags.
4. Use title of your topic related rank video in your tags.
5. Get your visitors to engage in your video.
6. Use proper tags in your video.
7. Use catchy title to increase your CTR (click through rate)
8. Use a great thumbnail so people click on your videos.
9. Write long description of your video but it should be about the video.
10. Try to make longer and effective videos to rank your YouTube videos.
11. Use your competitor tags so your video will be in your competitor’s suggested videos.
12. Make better ad longer videos to increase your watch time.

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5 Tips for Etsy SEO Christmas Prep

Want to make sure your Etsy items get found this Christmas? Learn how to add some quick and easy Christmas time SEO to your Etsy items!

I use Marmalead to find terms for my Xmas SEO. Get a free 30-day trial of Marmalead here:

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Hi there, I’m Jenni. I take people like you and show them how to escape horrible day jobs by creating an online craft business.

Currently, I run a successful Etsy business and sarcastic blog that pay the bills and then some.

But I got started just like you, one step and a time. Some scrappy marketing here, some flying by the seat of my pants there…and a whole lot of hanging on by a prayer.

But then something changed. I made a few strategic moves and suddenly everything got easier. And before I knew it, I had a business that could stand on its own. A business that made my corporate job look like a joke.

So now I use my time to teach YOU my tricks for success. Come join me on the dark size: where we work from home, choose our own hours, and tell our bosses to go screw themselves.

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How to Use Google Analytics | Volusion SEO Tips

To round out your SEO strategy, you need to monitor and measure the success of your campaigns. A great tool for this is Google Analytics. In this video, our own SEO Expert, Meg Nanson, will show you how to dive deep into your data and interpret the results.

Sign up for a 14 day free trial with Volusion:

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SEO In 2018 – Free SEO Training Guide & Tips For 2018

Get up-to-date with your 2018 SEO skills in my annual video, covering a range of industry topics and giving advice for the year ahead.

I hope you enjoy all of these SEO tips and tricks.

Basic SEO, SEO For 2016 –

SEO Basics – 00:50
SEO is STILL Getting Harder – 01:22
Penguin / Penguin 4.0 – 02:10
End of Year Link Penalties – 03:30
Anchor Text & Ratios – 05:14
Mentionless Backlinks – 06:56
Content Intent / Link Placement Intent – 08:06
SSL Certificates – 09:18
Schema – 10:16
Rich Snippets – 12:00
Persoanlized SERPs – 13:26
Mobile & Tablet Optimization – 14:36
Page Load Time – 15:58
Voice Search – 16:50
A.I. & Machine Learning – 18:10
Thanks For Watching – 19:30

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SEO and Social Media: Tips for Successful Integration

Social media and SEO are becoming more dependent on one another everyday. Without proper integration, your marketing strategy can’t find fufillment. Ranklab’s very own Cynthia Johnson will lift the veil on how to make Social Media work for your SEO strategy. She will discuss what signals matter, the important steps that most people overlook and the varying KPIs.
Specifically, Cynthia will show you:
How to set the foundation: Tips for preparing a social media account setup that will benefit your SEO efforts
Which signals and from which social platforms matter most and why
Tactics for proving thought leadership in social media as it applies directly to SEO
Which KPIs you should focus on the most
​It’s really important to have keywords and organic identities that are consistent across your SEO and SMM efforts. To help develop your path, attendees of this webinar will have access to a FREE 30 day trial of SEMrush guru.

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4 Tips to Well start SEO for your Ecommerce site

In this video, Sylvain from the web agency, gives you essential tips for well starting your SEO for your online store, in trying to make the best experience for your users. is a french SEO agency since 1998. With a solid team of 20 consultants, they offer a wide range of possibilities to help you grow on Internet : Website creation, SEO, SEA, WebAnalytics,…

Contact them for a free audit of your SEO :

PrestaShop website:
PrestaShop on Twitter:
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YouTube SEO Tips 2018

YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks in 2018 // GET MORE VIEWS!

Fact, optimize your videos meta data properly and you’ll easily drive more views on Youtube. In this YouTube SEO Tips 2018 video, I address common questions such as “is it ok to change my meta data”, “what’s the best way to optimize my video” and of course “how can I get more views”.

This video is packed full of YouTube tips and tricks that work today and they’ll work tomorow. It’s all about YouTube seo optimization and making better decisions regarding how you create your YouTube video titles, tags and descriptions.

This YouTube seo guide actually walks you though how I optimized this very video to drive more views in 2018. That’s the power of youtube video seo tips and strategies.

These tips will allow anyone regardless of age, race, creed, regligion, experiance or lack there of to optimize thier Youtube meta data to drive mroe views.


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How To Rank YouTube Video On First Page SEO Tips for YouTube 2017 | With Proof | Best Method

Ranking is not a dificult task just you have to do right thing, here is tricks that actually work for ranking youtube vio on first page with proof to those tricks..

Here is the most unique tricks that most of people doesn’t know on youtube and even after there good content there videos doesn’t appear in serch
so, follow these tricks for better searchbility of your video

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Drive Traffic To Your Website – Wix SEO Tips – Wix Website Tutorial 2018

Weekly Wix Tips-
Hire Me? –
Wix Course-
The goal of any website is to drive more traffic so that they can generate more leads. Learning SEO can be a difficult process, but in this video, I wanted to nail down some easy SEO tips to instantly improve the traffic coming to your website. Wix actually provides some fairly comprehensive tools to help you maximize your SEO. Do note, these tips will help you with your SEO, but they are not every key to maximize getting found on major search engines like Google. Google uses complex algorithms to scour your website for SEO purposes. You need to utilize webmaster tools, backlinking, and much more to truly maximize your SEO. However, I hope these quick and easy tips help you advance in your knowledge of maximizing your SEO for Google and on Wix.
Wix Certified Trainer-
Topics Covered:
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This Wix series will have multiple Wix tutorials uploaded EVERY WEEK of 2018! Email me for any Wix troubles you may have.

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