Lake Norman Painters Expand Online Presence

Savage Painting has been one of the premier painting companies around Lake Norman. You’ve likely seen their truck or crew, going from job to job. They are one of those companies who have been around long enough that if you haven’t used them personally, you likely know someone who has.

There are several things that set their business apart from the run-of-the-mill contractor around Lake Norman.

For one, they are meticulous when it comes to detail. Whether it is in the prep work or the painting process, you’ll find that Savage painting delivers more value in how carefully they prepare and paint. The attention detail effects every area of the business. Even their work truck doesn’t have spilled paint on it! Keeping the workspace clean and carefully painted is key to every job.

The other thing that is different is that they don’t use the cheapest paints. Sure, any company can say that they use “Sherwin Williams” or “Benjamin Moore”. What the unsuspecting homeowner doesn’t know is that there are different levels of these companies paints. Savage Painting insists on using higher-quality paints to guarantee that their jobs come out perfectly.

Finally, Savage is fast. Whether they are helping you get a room done before your kid comes home from college, or racing the moving truck to get your new lakefront house painted before you move in, these guys know how to get a task done on time.

In a world where most contractors hire whatever talent isn’t too drunk or drugged, Savage painting is a refreshing example of old-world values where the craftsman takes pride in their work.

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Savage Painting
114 Old Squaw Trail,
Mooresville, NC 28117

(704) 562-2127