Shutter Company Expands Online Marketing Campaign

Elite Shutters of North Carolina was born, originally, in the unforgiving environment of the South. Starting in Georgia, Elite Shutters began offering high-quality Shutters and Plantation blinds to savvy homeowners in Georgia.

When the business owners moved to North Carolina, they brought their passion for quality shutters with them.

Often thought of as a “nice-to-have” luxury item, homeowners often overlook the value and quality of life that a high-end window treatment system will add to their house. Worse, they often shop box stores for the cheapest options.

Elite Shutters understands that the right window treatment is more than a quality of life benefit; it also adds value to the home.

Image of the elite shutters website before the redesign

It’s important to choose a shutter that is of the correct material and style for a house. Furthermore, it should match the homeowner’s habits and lifestyle.

In a world of off-the-shelf clones, Elite Shutters is one of the few white-gloved services to help the discerning homeowners get the idea shutters for their house.

Recently, Elite Shutters reached out to Charlotte SEO for consultation on their online marketing. For years, they have managed their marketing in-house and wanted a fresh set of eyes on their long-running and highly successful campaign.

Several suggestions were made, including a mobile-friendly website, SEO optimization and Ads optimization. A Multi-phased approach is being pursued with a priority on the action items that will bring the fastest increase in lead flow.

Charlotte SEO is always pleased to partner with local businesses, especially those company’s that specialize in providing a personalized touch that local residents can’t get from the multi-corporation conglomerates.

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