Makes Paint n Sip Parties Fun And Easy!

It’s almost 2020 and our generation is anxious to learn how to do things by hand. The skills of sewing and cooking and crocheting and crafting we’re thought to have been lost on the 90’s babies, but the millenials are fighting hard to keep them current.

All across America, Franchises are popping up that offer to reach you how to paint, cook and do pottery. For a high fee, you can come to a crowded, overbooked event with your friends, try hopelessly to keep up with the instructor and paint your own poor excuse of a masterpiece. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted, it’s mentally stimulating and it is a great way for an extrovert to make great memories.

However, there is an even wider group of people who thinks it would be fun to try one of these events — just without all of those people. For the introvert who values quality time with their friends, a new company is coming to the rescue

With their at-home paint and sip kits, Paintly.Fun is emphasizing the fun of learning to paint. You get a kit that contains everything you need (including the easel) and a video. You can do it privately, and use it as an excellent and affordable introduction to painting. Or, you can invite some friends over, crack open the wine and create an evening that no one will forget.

For the couple who is tired of the same old boring date night routine or for the married couple who can never find a babysitter to take the kids, these do it yourself kits are an excellent way to bring some spark into your life and break the routine.

Each kit is easy to follow and non-intimidating. If you ever wished that you could learn painting and wanted to do it a a fun way, these painting kits are exactly what you have been waiting for.

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