Assisted Living SEO and Web Design

Assisted living facilities should use effective digital marketing strategy to build a presence on the internet. Just like with any business, marketing is bloodline to assisted living residence. Without advertising, potential clients won’t find your business on the internet. Get your assisted living facility found on the internet with our SEO and web design services.

How We Work

With years of research and experience, our team understands the needs of assisted living facilities. Therefore, we provide excellent services to bring your business to the limelight. Our goal is to rank your website higher in the local search ranking results. With people going online to find everything, your business should also show up in the search engine results.

Site Audit

The first step towards an effective SEO marketing is site audit. An in-depth analysis of your site is performed by our specialist to gather information. We use the collected data as a guide for our marketing strategy. Site audit is an important process that tells the real story of your assisted living business.

Keyword Research

Through keyword research, popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will find your website with ease. Keyword research is one of the most important factors of SEO. Without proper keyword research, you won’t see an increase in the target traffic your desire. Coming up with the correct keywords for your website is crucial to your online business goals. We will go through a thorough research process to get the most relevant keywords for your business. Rest assured that we will look for low competition keywords for better placement in search results.

On-Page SEO

We will create page titles and meta descriptions around the chosen keywords to improve the rank of your web page. On-page SEO also includes optimization of loading speed, changing image size and quality, and other important aspects of a website. Upon our assessment, we will see what changes are necessary.  Slow loading pages and inappropriate image size are addressed to improve the overall performance of the website. We will correct everything according to our SEO plan.

Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is most effective when quality content is present on your website. Fresh content delivered on a regular basis will drive more visitors to your website. Throw in engaging articles and media, and you have effective content marketing. We will provide fresh content to help rank for new keywords. Content marketing will also increase targeted traffic to your site.

Link Building

We design an inbound link strategy into your SEO blueprint that will help increase traffic to your site. An inbound link works as a guide to help search engines decide which websites to show to users in search results.

Assisted living facilities will greatly benefit from our search engine optimization and web design services. If you haven’t found an SEO expert yet, call us to find out more about our services and marketing strategies.