Full On-Page SEO tips for BlogSpot/WordPress Blogs in Hindi | SEO Tips for Blogger By Okey Ravi

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Seo Tips and tricks for BlogSpot Blogs and WordPress Websites in Hindi, Know How to do SEO on Blogger? On-Page and Off-page SEO/optimization Are very Important to Rank a Blogspot or Blogger Blogs.

I have Share 21 important facts Which You need to consider When you are performing SEO on Blogger.

SEO depends on the way You write you contents, So Focus on Proper Content Writing with all the tips Which I have told in this Video.

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How To Show Up On YouTube Search Algorithm (V1142) SEO Tips

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This is how to show up on YouTube search algorithm by optimizing youtube search engine results. By using the correct keywords in your title and description, you increase your chance of making your video show up on YouTube searches to increase your views and grow your channel.

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Web Design Tips Pt. 2: Fast Loading Time & Navigation Counts

By |2018-03-02T00:50:11+00:00March 2nd, 2018|Website Design Tips| Web design tips pt. 2 about loading time and navigation

If you plan to design a website that works, be sure to set up your navigation system. Your web page should load quickly too.

This web design tip video shows how to increase loading time and test your site to keep more visitors.

web design tips
web design tip

SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings | 3 Tips to Grow Website Traffic

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Of course, you want to work smart.

And you know What?

With on-page SEO, there are a few tactics that will make up the majority of your result.

Today I’m going to share with you three on-page SEO hacks that’ll skyrocket your Google rankings.

For those of you who don’t know what on-page SEO is, they are the changes that you make on your website, with your code, to get higher rankings on Google.

Google’s a computer.

When it’s crawling your website, it has to read code.

You’ve seen the Matrix; it’s kind of like that.

They’re crawling to figure out what your website is all about, and you can make changes, but today, I’m going to share with you three that’ll help boost your on-page SEO and your Google rankings.

Tip #1: Use Google Search Console.

Click on search analytics; you’ll see what pages are getting rankings, how many clicks, how many impressions, and your click-through rate.

You want to look at the ones that have a high impression count, but low click-rate.

That means people see your listing, but they’re not clicking on it.

Adjust your title tag and meta descriptions.

Add an appealing sentence, that includes keywords, and you’re much more likely to get clicks.

It’s not about stuffing keywords everywhere.

You have to make sure it’s readable for humans.

If you’re using WordPress, you can adjust your title, and your description, using the Yoast SEO plugin.

After 30 days, check to see if your click-rate went up, or down.

If your click-through rate goes up, Google will know to rank your page higher.

That’s how you can keep increasing your Google rankings, slowly but surely.

It’s a grind, it’s not that hard of a change, but it’s a grind in which it takes a long time before the rankings increase from it, but it’s one of the best ways to grow your traffic.

The cool part about Google Search Console is it shows you all of the keywords that you’re getting impressions for.

You can add in the ones that get a high-impression count, and ignore the ones that are low-impression count.

#2: Make sure your website is super fast.

If your server is slow, it doesn’t matter how clean-coded your website is; your site isn’t going to load fast.

Don’t get that cheap five dollar hosting solution, pay for something decent.

I’m on WP Engine, it’s expensive, but my site loads fast.

The other thing you want to do, as I mentioned, is a content delivery network.

That way if someone in India is coming to see your website, they’re getting your site pulled from a server in India.

It’ll load so much faster for them, versus them having to wait for the internet signal to pick it all the way up from the server in, let’s say, North America.

You want to make sure that your server is close to them, and no, you don’t have to buy servers all around the world; rather you want to use a content delivery network, like Akamai, and that will ensure your website loads super fast.

Make sure you’re also using Google’s AMP framework, so if someone’s on a mobile device, it’ll load your site super fast.

I don’t care if someone has a 4G or LTE phone.

Sometimes you’re in an area that has terrible reception, so having an AMP-compatible website ensures that it loads super fast.

I’ve heard a lot of people say if you have an AMP-compatible site, traffic skyrockets.

I’ve found that it usually doesn’t, in regions like North America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, but I found my traffic from places like Brazil, has gone up tremendously, once I implemented AMP protocol.

#3: Theme-out your website.

Let’s say your website is about SEO, stick with just SEO.

Don’t go from SEO to TV ads to radio ads.

By having a site that’s very specific on one theme, you’re going to do way better.

After Google’s Hummingbird update, websites that are super detailed and thorough on one topic, are much more likely to have more knowledge on that subject and rank higher than sites that are all over the place.

If you follow these tips, you’ll do exceptionally well.

If you’re not sure how to theme your site, leave a comment below, share your URL, ask a question about theming, and I’ll respond, helping you out.

Anything I can do to help you, just let me know, and I truly am here to help you with your marketing needs.

4 Website MUST-HAVES | Web Design Pro Tips

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This video is about the 4 things you MUST have on a website for it to be effective. This includes Custom Web Design tips for business owners, marketing directors and web design agencies.

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3 SEO Tips To Getting Articles Ranked – RL Adams – FHR #194

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Why Dave Chose to Interview RL Adams:

RL (Rob) Adams has become the go to SEO article writing king for anyone he needs to get ranked. He lost his business 10 months ago. Yet because of his SEO and writing skill set he was able to become the “go to guy” for all of the major marketers in the world. He has literally worked for free providing massive value for the people he wanted to get to know. His dream 100 strategy has more than paid off and now he has deep business relationships that will help him build his next billion-dollar business. He reveals the 3 SEO tips to getting articles ranked.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

-The importance and value RL found while working for free. (3:16)

-Rob gives us his top 3 tips of building SEO in your articles. (10:25)
You have to treat SEO like it’s 4th down with seconds left on the clock, go long(form). (11:18)

-We hear about how to cover our articles with information worthy copy to amp them up. (14:26)

Quotable Moments:

“I’m totally introverted, I’m like Russell. I would rather be in my room typing away on my computer.”

“They were the guys that I was just like ‘Hey you guys so good at what you do. I just want to learn’. Like I sucked at marketing a long time ago. I’m great at software and I’m great at systems but I sucked at marketing. I was like ‘Please teach me!’”

“You have GOT to be willing to work for free if you want to play with the big boys.”

Other Tidbits:

RL Adams has written some 100 articles for top name marketers and has built a relationship with them.

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How to do Shopify SEO to Get A LOT of Free Visitors to Your Store ????

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How to do Shopify SEO To Get A LOT of Free Visitors To Your Store

In this video, you will learn How to do Shopify SEO To Get A LOT of Free Visitors To Your Store. SEO does take some time so the results may not be immediate but over time you will definitely start to see the results of free traffic coming to your Shopify store.

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