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Is it time to update your school, association or school district website?
–We launched a new service that designs school websites for districts and associations.

Here are some of my favorite school website design tips when talking to schools about creating the best website for their needs.

The right web developer works in multiple industries

Make sure that you’re working with people that not only understand school websites, but websites outside of schools that parents are commonly using. This will allow you to make sure you’re always using the best features and aren’t stuck to only a certain type of technology that might fall behind mainstream. Our websites use an industry standard cloud based site host that helps us be on the cutting edge.

Don’t get bogged down in the tech, focus on how useful the site can be

Make sure that you talk less about technology and more about being helpful on the website. That means the technology should be less confusing and more useful to those that are going to visit the website. When we build websites for schools and brands we make sure that it’s extremely easy for the school to talk about what success looks like with the end person in mind. In your case that might be parents, students or stakeholders. This can also mean that your teachers and leaders are in the room talking about the important parts of a website experience (not only led by the technology person, but led by those that will be directing people to the site).

Make sure it’s parent friendly

Since parents are going to be using your website more than just about anybody else, you need to make sure that parents are comfortable with the website. Set out and ask yourself “what does success look like for parents?” Then make a list of all of the things that you want parents to feel and do on the website and what their outcomes should be. When we work with schools we sit down for at least an hour and brainstorm this part really carefully. This can make your site very successful (and reduce frustration for your parents).

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2018 Local Business SEO Tips From An SEO Expert (MUST WATCH!)

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“2018 Local Business SEO Tips From An SEO Expert (MUST WATCH!)” is the title to this video because Ruan and I REALLY wanted to provide the most value to our audience.

Ruan owns an SEO agency based in CT and shares practical tips you can use TODAY.

We know many local business owners are the ones that get the short end of the stick, that is why we made this video and included FRESH new ideas for 2018!

We are super pumped for this video…Enjoy 🙂

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You won’t be upset by the content this guy put’s out!

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Web Design Cork – Tips for all Biz Owners

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Website Design Tips To Ensure The Success of Your Business Online.
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This channel is dedicated to everything Web Design Cork.

The Digital Department is one of Cork’s leading Website Design and eCommerce companies. Our YouTube channel offers advice on high performance website design, how to make a successful online store, great online marketing, search engine optimisation & much more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and give your business a boost.

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5 SEO Tips That Got Our Website to Rank Number 1

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This video gives 5 SEO tips that helped our website rank number 1 on Google and Bing. The five tips are listed below:

1. Name Your Company
– Pick a category
– Local or national?
2. Start on the right platform
– WordPress: More than ¼ of the websites you visit
– Yoast: Submit sitemap to google console
3. Choose the right hosting
– We went up about 50 places on SERPS
– Speed
– Credibility (wp verse hostgator)
4. Google Business
5. Content
– Create a Blog
– Create valuable Content (blog about it!)
– Social media (regular and valuable)
– LinkedIn (great resource for B2B businesses)

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Lake Norman Real Estate Company Hires Charlotte SEO

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Dreaming of waking up every morning to the sound of river water splashing a stone throw away from your place? Living near the water has been the wish of most people because of the beauty and benefits of living on or near the water.

Living beside a body of water has multiple benefits. The soothing sounds of water lulls most people to sleep and helps them to relax. Fresh air and full sunshine also improve the overall health of an individual. Lastly, water has been associated with the blue mind effect according to the research conducted by the experts.

While most of us dream of having a home near the water, there are now plenty of ways to make the dream come true. Lake Norman Real Estate can help you turn that dream into reality.

For Lake Norman Real Estate, the core of our work philosophy is to provide the “lake lifestyle.” The beauty of living on Lake Norman appeals to almost all people. If you love the idea of waking up to the sound of splashing water, then find the perfect home for you and your family anywhere along the shoreline of the beautiful lake.

Lake Norman Real Estate provides a buyer satisfaction guarantee to make sure every buyer is pleased with his or her purchase of a property. In case the buyer is not satisfied with their new home, the agency will sell the property free of charges. We will add your property to our listing service until it has been sold within a 12 month period.

For sellers, we would like to give you full control of our listing service. We want to give the sellers an opportunity to either use our service or fire us. Rest assured we will provide all of the marketing assets on your listing.

At Lake Norman Real Estate, we want our clients to get the best deal without feeling cheated. A transparent, professional transaction will be made to build and maintain trust and confidence with our clients. We will also help our clients understand the different variables that will answer the question of how much does it cost to live on Lake Norman.

If you are sold out with the decision to live on Lake Norman, then search our listing to see which property would suit your preferences. Our professional agents will assist you with your questions about the properties on Lake Norman.

First and foremost, find out where you would like to live if you want to know how much you should have to pay to live on Lake Norman. Call Lake Realty today, and find out more about living the once dream of owning a house on or near a body of water.

Lake Realty

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Vooner, Manufacturer of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Hires Charlotte SEO

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Vacuum pumps are used to create vacuum by removing gas molecules from a sealed container. The invention of the first vacuum can be traced back to the 1650’s by Otto von Guericke. Through the years, engineers and manufacturers have developed better models to upgrade the efficiency of the machine. Today, the pulp and paper, power generation plants, food and beverage, mining, and chemical industries use the machine in their operations. But you don’t need just any vacuum pumps and compressors, you should invest in a high-quality equipment to achieve efficient results.

Why Choose Vooner?

Vooner vacuum pumps and compressors provide long lasting services at an affordable price. For Vooner, we value the importance of customer trust and confidence. Our goal is to supply our clients with pumps and compressors that were carefully designed to reduce long term operating cost and maintain it at the lowest possible numbers. Since its acquisition in 2003, Vooner Paper Machiner (VPM) has grown and developed into a reliable manufacturer of paper machinery components. Our commitment and dedication to growth and service is second to none. We want only the best for our customers.

The Best Industrial Pump Solution

With Vooner, you can rest assured that every vacuum equipment passes through a strict quality control process. Our experts invest time and knowledge in studying customer vacuum requirements to come up with the best equipment solution. Unlike with other companies, our engineering solutions offer alternatives to address the needs of our customers. The flexible solutions are complete system packages that are easy to install and use. Learn more about Vooner’s liquid ring vacuum pumps, here.

As a practice, we make sure that most of the pumps are performance tested in Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. before we ship them out to our valued customers. The performance tests are in accordance to HEI specifications. We conduct the religious quality control practice to guarantee 100% performance of the equipment solution you receive.


Vooner vacuum pump services include application engineering, power consumption, actuator repair programs, and performance surveys. With the development of better vacuum pumps, we have designed thousands of custom application designs and modified existing systems to fit the needs of our clients. As an industrial user of vacuum equipment, conserving power usage is crucial to your business. Our experts can help with the adjustment of the pump size or speed to benefit the customers. We also offer actuator repair, refurbish and exchange program to our clients. Vooner Paper Machinery also evaluate the customer’s vacuum services demand to ensure the right vacuum element sizing and vacuum pump sizing on the customer’s machine.

Overall, the company offers long term lower total cost of ownership with flexible product design to suit the needs of the client. Contact Vooner FloGard Corporation today and find out how better vacuum pumps and paper machinery can significantly improve your business.

Vooner FloGard Incorporated

How To Create Successful Website – 5 Tips For Professional Web Design

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In this video I’ll explain five very important steps that you have to go if you want to become a professional web designer. These are the 5 basic steps that web designer must be sure to know if you want to build a successful web business.
Good luck 🙂

NEW SEO Tips for Small Business Website – How to PROMOTE Business ONLINE

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New #SeoTips updated for #SmallBusiness Websites which will help the new #Entrepreneurs in understanding How to Promote Business Online for FREE!

#SEO has always been an integral part of #DigitalMarketing. While, #SEO remains a better long term plan to secure your #GoogleRank, Paid #DigitalMarketing in the form of #PPC, #SMM, and similar activities are used to pay the #DigitalMarketing Companies and make your #Startup run within no time.

There has been continuous speculation about the #GoogleAlgorithm updates in the near future, which will seriously affect the ranking of #SmallBusiness websites shortly!

What can be done?
A newer plan has been updated by the #Google few days back which shows standalone higher competency results of the #WebsiteRankings on #Google.

This newer update will almost kill every #SmallBusiness website trying hard to get into the #BestSearchResults on #Google!

VIDEO ON: How to Advertise on Facebook in Hindi –

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2018 Local SEO Tips From An SEO Expert

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2018 Local SEO tips from an SEO expert

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviews by Mark Ghaida himself

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In the interview, I talk about the importance of search engine optimization for small-medium sized businesses in your local area.

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