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9 Best Web Design Trends for 2018

in this video you will see cutting edge and best web design trends for 2018. There are some points you have to follow and some points that you need to avoid in 2018.
2017 saw many new features, such as mobile usage increased a lot. It mean in 2018 we have to focus on mobile friendly web designs.

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Working with Developers (5 Tips for Designers) | Design workflow tutorial

Today I share my Top 5 Tips for Designers who are working with developers. Let’s face it…Working in teams is hard! Collaborating is hard! Passing your designs off to a developer and having the final product not be all that you hoped it would be is frustrating… But maybe we as designers can take a little of the blame and try to see it from the other side of the coin.

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In this video, I cover the tips that will help you have successful handoffs to your developer or development team.

“Consider others as more important than yourself”
This golden rule applies to life in general but also applies to designers working with developers. Spend the little bit of extra time valuing their time, their, workflow, their processes, and them as a person and you and the project will be better off for it.

5 Tips to working with developers:

1. Involve developers form start to finish
2. Document your designs excessively
3. When possible prototypes for animations and interactions
4. Be really organized
5. Adapt to their process a little bit

I hope that you guys already have amazing experiences when you’re collaborating with your dev teams. If you don’t maybe try these tips out, and if you do have great experiences try these anyways and see what it does for you.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments ????????


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7 Web Design Teaching Tips for TEACHERS

Teach web design:
How to teach web design to middle school students and older. My 7 web design teaching tips in a nutshell:

1. Use the spiral teaching method
2. Self paced learning is best
3. Encourage students to use online training resources
4. Web Design software is NOT important

…. Watch the video to learn the rest.


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Website and Content Design Tips for Beginners

Become an Online Entrepreneur:

Understanding some basic website and content design can really help you get more shares, visits from referrals, and keep people on your site longer.

Also website design is something beginners want to grasp early because Google makes it a point to put well designed and well laid out websites towards the top in the ranks.

You want you site to be easily navigated and simple to get the point and find the answer.

For more information about success online visit:

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Affordable Web Design Company Tips For Web Design

How To Hire Web Designer

You web design, your marketing campaign
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From hard-coding to color schemes
Down to design cues and floating action boxes

When its good design you want
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Elevate your website’s promise
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The better your web design is
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