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Web Design Tips Pt. 2: Fast Loading Time & Navigation Counts Web design tips pt. 2 about loading time and navigation

If you plan to design a website that works, be sure to set up your navigation system. Your web page should load quickly too.

This web design tip video shows how to increase loading time and test your site to keep more visitors.

web design tips
web design tip

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4 Website MUST-HAVES | Web Design Pro Tips

This video is about the 4 things you MUST have on a website for it to be effective. This includes Custom Web Design tips for business owners, marketing directors and web design agencies.

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Rafferty Pendery is an International Speaker, Tech Entrepreneur and Investor. He helps business owners build organizations and implements systems and process into their organizations to free them up from the day to day of the business.

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5 Amazing Tips from 6 Months of Web Design

5 Amazing Tips from 6 Months of Web Design

What are the practical design tips I’ve learnt over the last 6 months. You can hear my personal journey of learning to design properly in my first 6 months. These are the practical tips and tricks you cause to improve your web or graphic design

1. Good design takes time
2. Iterate on your design
3. The 5 intricacies of design
4. The art of typography
5. The big one…how to use inspiration to dramatically improve your designs

You can also find out the benefits of Pinterest for designers. Learn the benefit of InVision. Learn why you should think of the customer first and focus on UX

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School Website Design Tips from SmartSocial com

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Is it time to update your school, association or school district website?
–We launched a new service that designs school websites for districts and associations.

Here are some of my favorite school website design tips when talking to schools about creating the best website for their needs.

The right web developer works in multiple industries

Make sure that you’re working with people that not only understand school websites, but websites outside of schools that parents are commonly using. This will allow you to make sure you’re always using the best features and aren’t stuck to only a certain type of technology that might fall behind mainstream. Our websites use an industry standard cloud based site host that helps us be on the cutting edge.

Don’t get bogged down in the tech, focus on how useful the site can be

Make sure that you talk less about technology and more about being helpful on the website. That means the technology should be less confusing and more useful to those that are going to visit the website. When we build websites for schools and brands we make sure that it’s extremely easy for the school to talk about what success looks like with the end person in mind. In your case that might be parents, students or stakeholders. This can also mean that your teachers and leaders are in the room talking about the important parts of a website experience (not only led by the technology person, but led by those that will be directing people to the site).

Make sure it’s parent friendly

Since parents are going to be using your website more than just about anybody else, you need to make sure that parents are comfortable with the website. Set out and ask yourself “what does success look like for parents?” Then make a list of all of the things that you want parents to feel and do on the website and what their outcomes should be. When we work with schools we sit down for at least an hour and brainstorm this part really carefully. This can make your site very successful (and reduce frustration for your parents).

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Web Design Cork – Tips for all Biz Owners

Website Design Tips To Ensure The Success of Your Business Online.
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This channel is dedicated to everything Web Design Cork.

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How To Create Successful Website – 5 Tips For Professional Web Design

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In this video I’ll explain five very important steps that you have to go if you want to become a professional web designer. These are the 5 basic steps that web designer must be sure to know if you want to build a successful web business.
Good luck 🙂

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