Building a distinct brand that engages and resonates.

Your brand is the most important aspect of your company. It defines who you are and forms your identity. Whether you need to build a brand from the ground up or you are seeking a fresh approach, Charlotte SEO has a team of skilled and experienced designers who value and practice innovative, artful conception. We specialize in brand development, and we’ll start with researching what you do and who your customer is. While items like logos, fonts, and color schemes are important aspects, your brand is really more about customers’ perception of your business and the experience it provides.

We want you to be recognizable at first glance and have a mark that you can put on everything, from letterhead to business cards.

We want you to be recognizable at first glance and have a mark that you can put on everything, from letterhead to business cards. All successful brands have a logo that a majority of people will instantly recognize–the swoosh, the golden arches, the apple–and it becomes the defining mark of a business. You need a singular image that looks great as a graphic on your website and also as the profile picture on your social media accounts. Simple, yet impactful.

We can help you establish the core mission of your business or organization and create a visual representation of your brand. We will help you communicate in a multitude of ways–not only through words but also through images. We want people to know what you’re about before they even read your About Us section; they should be able to get a feel for your company from the first few seconds of seeing your website or your logo.

We specialize in unique branding that will set you apart from your competition and help your company to resonate with potential customers. We want you to be the one that they remember from their search and the one that they end up calling. As much as people want to read about your company’s capabilities, your brand will make the first impression and can determine whether people stay on your page or just click the next search result. We will create eye-catching, unique, and powerful branding that will be cohesive throughout.

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