speed up website

Keeping your site running like a well-oiled machine.

At Charlotte SEO, we don’t just stop with a beautiful body and leave you without an engine. Once you have a fantastic website, you need it to perform well. We will build a site that looks great but also runs at optimum speed and efficiency. It is easy for people who are browsing the internet to quickly lose interest if a site loads too slowly or moves at a sluggish pace. Whether it’s a lack of time or attention span, people want to look at sites that can keep up with their often fleeting intrigue and show them what they need to know as effortlessly as possible. Efficient websites have been proven to increase retention, loyalty, and overall user satisfaction. Site speed is also an important ranking factor for Google. If you have a slow sight, you will not be able to rank as high in search results.

We can assure you that your website will operate at top speeds and perform like a well-oiled machine. We use our own servers that can handle any amount of traffic that you have coming in without faltering. We cover all bases, from browser/server caching to image optimization and encryption. We want every aspect of your website to enhance rather than hinder it in any way. If we find that any feature is causing extra weight that is slowing you down, we can find ways to lighten the load and keep you in the race for people’s attention.

We have expertise in making sites that not only look great on every device but also perform well across the board.

We will optimize your site not only for use on a desktop or laptop but also for tablets and smartphones. As more and more people turn to mobile browsing and searching, it is crucial to adapt to those trends. If someone is viewing a site on a mobile device, chances are that they will be giving it even less time and attention than they would be on their home or work computer. This makes it even more important to ensure that your site can keep up with the speed of people’s interest, regardless of how they are viewing it. We have expertise in making sites that not only look great on every device but also perform well across the board. It’s not enough to just look good standing still–you need to look good in action.

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