pr media relations

Maintaining a positive public image.

Keeping up with all of the press outlets and media sources that are relevant to your niche can be a daunting task. However, if you don’t, you could be missing out on great opportunities for publicity and for building your customer base. Charlotte SEO can manage your media relations, ensuring that you never miss a chance to be in the public eye and to let people know about your business and your brand. Your relationship with the media is just as important as your relationship with your customers because, for all intents and purposes, they are one in the same. Your customers’ perception of you will inevitably be shaped by the media. Charlotte SEO can create press releases and distribute them among all relevant press outlets. However, we will do this strategically, targeting outlets that are most likely to be frequented by your customer base. We will also stagger these releases, when appropriate, so that if customers miss them in one publication, they have a better chance of seeing the news a few days or a week later in another. We will make sure that local news sources are aware of your business and work to establish a strong relationship. If there is a misfortune that is related to your company, we can be in touch with the news sources to make sure that the issue is covered fairly and doesn’t create any falsities around your business.

The saying goes that, “all press is good press,” but we want to make sure that all press actually is good press.

We will make sure that credit is given where credit is due. When your company is making strides– hiring more staff or making improvements for workers, the local economy, the community, or the environment–we will make sure that the press knows. No good deed will go unlauded. The saying goes that, “all press is good press,” but we want to make sure that all press actually is good press. We want to see your company cast in the best light at all times in the media. While you are busy doing what you do best, we will be busy making sure you look good doing it. Interested in media relations? Click here to contact us. Not interested? Check out our other marketing offerings.